Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

Summary: Information shows that Apple has at least one white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support, but is this just a test unit or will customers see this device in 2011?


I've been a happy T-Mobile customer for many years and always said I would buy an iPhone as soon as it came to T-Mobile. According to some photos and information on Boy Genius Report Apple is testing a white iPhone with T-Mobile 3G bands. However, with the AT&T and T-Mobile deal being worked out, this may simply be a test platform since it doesn't seem to make much sense that Apple releases a T-Mobile USA only 3G version of the iPhone.

If the AT&T/T-Mobile deal goes through, then T-Mobile customers will eventually get the iPhone since they will then be AT&T customers. It would be awesome to see Apple release an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 that is penta-band 3G, like what Nokia has done with its latest Symbian smartphones. No one else has yet released a penta-band 3G device that lets consumers use their GSM device with 3G data around the world without worrying about specific carrier frequencies. Like other things Apple has done (video calling), they could release a penta-band iPhone and say they were the first to do it too :)

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  • RE: Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

    T-mobile White iPhone 4?
    I doubt it's real.
    So far, All are rumors, and that's only mockup! So the real White iPHone we should don't know, and only the Apple know, but it won't let's know until it's going to release~
    Hmm, also read this "Engineering images of iPhone 5 leaked?" in ifunia news blog , but seems that is not an image of the iPhone 5, I will say that if the real iPhone 5 has a back of similar design (and gorgeous brushed grain), it will be the first iPhone that looks better than the original.

    But anyways, knowing Apple, whether it has an Aluminum, Glass, or Liquid Metal back it will turn out great!
  • Black is the new white?

    Nice looking white phone in that picture.
  • RE: Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

    I presently use an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile and it works like a charm. I didn't even have to jailbreak it. However, I did have to purchase the iPhone outside the USA as all iPhones sold in the USA and in some other countries are locked to one network.

    I purchased my iPhone 4 when on a business trip to London a few months ago. iPhones sold in England are not locked to any one network; you can insert any company's SIM card in it and it works on that company's network. When in England, I used an O2 network pay-as-you-go SIM card. When I returned to the US, I took that out and replaced it with a T-Mobile SIM card. It works perfectly.
    • Using a current iPhone4 on T-mobile?

      @eogn I've been wondering about this for sometime now. I currently use an iPod Touch with a MiFi. I have been happy with T-mob for 7 years. I'm desparately hoping this deal doesn't go through. With at&t falling short on many of T-mob's plan offerings, it just doesn't seem fair to the consumer. Any idea how we can voice our opinions?
      Ndna Jnz
      • RE: Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

        @Ndna Jnz THis is the kind of issue Sprint has raised.
        Taking competition out of the marketplace has many opportunities for price abuse. Lets' face it, no T-Mobile customers feel like they are being "saved" by the ATT/TMobile merger. Email the FCC and Justice Dept. Gene Evangelist
        Gene Evangelist
  • Is This How Mergees Are Supposed To Act?

    This supposed leak and the fact that T-Mobile is still running it's AT&T bashing commercials, a lot, makes me wonder what is going on with the merger.<br><br>As a 10 year T-Mobile customer, I'm hoping the merger gets nixed.
  • It only makes sense.

    It would only make sense for Apple to release an iPhone for T-Mobile. No need to wait for 4G, being that it can rarely be found in the United States. 4G is a fad right now, which doesn't really deliver. Once the acquisition is finalized, then we can talk about 4G.
  • RE: Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

    As a tech journalist and not an internet troll, you have a responsibility not to blindly parrot false internet memes. Please name one thing that Apple actually claimed they did first, that they, in reality, did not. Be prepared to provide exact quotes. You may find while trying to back up your assertions that they have no basis in fact.
  • RE: Will Apple release this white iPhone with T-Mobile USA 3G support?

    I don't really care what Apple does, but I too, don't want the merger to go through after reading so much against AT&T and their customer service and networks. N"T SEE IT BEING A GOOD THING< UNLESS T_Mobile is in dire straits financially and will go under w/o this merger, or the German owner just want to be rid of them.