Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

Summary: Samsung makes beautiful hardware and webOS is a great OS. A partnership between these two could be a wonderful thing, don't you think?


Samsung is currently number 2 in the global smartphone vendor lineup, behind Apple and ahead of Nokia. They have their own OS, make Windows Phone 7 devices, and are tops in Android devices. We now hear rumors that they are considering HP's webOS and I have to say that would be a great choice.

I wouldn't mind if Samsung gave up Android to go with webOS instead since I think webOS is a better OS than Android and it would get Samsung away from all the Android lawsuits flying around. They may be a bit nervous about the future of Android with Google buying Motorola too. I would hate for Samsung to give up on WP7 because I really like that platform, but there's nothing to say Samsung wouldn't continue to support multiple platforms like they do now.

My biggest issue with webOS has always been the sub-par hardware and that would be cured immediately if Samsung was making webOS devices since they make some beautiful high-end hardware. Can you image Samsung webOS smartphones and tablets? I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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  • I think consumers have made it extremely clear

    They do not want tablets that aren't iPads. And if they want a smartphone that isn't an iPhone, they aren't willing to pay enough to give the manufacturer any substantial profit.

    Apple won. It's over. I'd rather see companies like Samsung work on the next big thing rather than waste their time and money on a losing proposition like WebOS, Android, and WP7. Please note that I'm not saying these are bad OSs but time has shown us that they are all losing propositions. Until someone can come out with an ecosystem that can rival the iTunes / iOS ecosystem nothing other than iOS devices will succeed in the market. My prediction is that iOS will be the only devices worth buying for the next 20 years because no one else can just "pop up" an ecosystem.
    • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?


      Same logic.

      Apple should give up on the PC market. After 30 years of trying and trying, it only has 10% of the PC market. They should just call it quits and move on. Its clear that Windows is king and will be forever. I rarely see a Mac in the wild!
      • Apple has 90% of the PC market it competes in

        @mstrsfty Apple does not compete in the razor thin margin market of sub $1,000 PCs. Apple owns 90% of the revenue (and thus profit since Apple's profit margins are at least as good as the competitors) in the PC market that it has chosen to compete in. So it isn't true to say Apple has been trying (and failing) to compete in the general PC market. Apple has been trying (and succeeding) to own 90%+ of the high end PC market.

        In the low end PC market, Apple has 100%+ of the profit share that it has chosen to compete in: tablets.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        Yes, but consider that high-end PCs do not make up most of the PC market.
        Also, you're making a mistake by trying to equate tablets with low-end desktops. They are not the same thing. Low-end desktops can do much more than tablets. They have bigger screens and better components.
      • Who cares?

        "Yes, but consider that high-end PCs do not make up most of the PC market."

        Yes. So? Apple is not trying to compete in anything other than the high end PC market. Your previous post said that Apple should quit because it has tried for 30 years but only has 10% of the PC market. Your previous post was incorrect because Apple has not tried for 30 years to get marketshare in the PC market. Apple has tried for 30 years to get marketshare in the high end PC market and has a virtual monopoly on that market (90%+ of all the revenue). So why should Apple quit trying when they've succeeded so amazingly at capturing 90%+ of the market that they were trying to capture?

        "you're making a mistake by trying to equate tablets with low-end desktops"

        I'm not trying to suggest that tablets are the same as low-end desktops. They aren't. Again, I've made it very clear to state that Apple has succeeded brilliantly in their take on the low end PC market. Where Apple has tried to compete, they have succeeded in achieving a monopoly on profits if not on marketshare.

        Just to clarify, I'm merely presenting a counterpoint to your argument that:
        "Apple should give up on the PC market. After 30 years of trying and trying, it only has 10% of the PC market."

        Apple has not tried to succeed in the PC market. They tried (and succeeded) in the high PC market and their take on the low end PC market: the tablet.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?


        You are focusing on a specific market segment. He is talking about the overall PC SEGMENT as a whole.

        Both of you have different performance measures.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @toddybottom - only competing in the high end?

        So I suppose that is why they have run ads trying to get folks to switch from Windows and why they sell the Mac Mini. Apple's 'high end' computer market is only high end because they charge way too much for their computers. Component wise and capability wise you can spend way less and buy a Windows based PC that will do everything the Mac does. I think this has especially be proven by folks that hack a Mac OS into a generic Intel based machine.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @teddybottom - So, let me get this straight. Your original comment stands, but, by your own logic, it's OK and should be excused from the blanket condemnation of a device or platform as a failure if a tablet maker defines a specific market and succeeds in it? Succeeds, as in garners market share in whatever subsegment of the total market it chooses to "compete" in? Like say, a high-end maker using a Windows operating system? Or maybe the success of the Galaxy Tab would be an example (such a strong one that Apple chose them as their first litigation target)? Or maybe the Nook color would be a resounding success, given that it pretends to be not much more than a color e-book reader. I don't think your argument holds much water.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @mstrsfty Apple is the No3 in PC shipments, and makes a hiher margin than no.1 (HP) and No.2 (Dell), so why would they want to get out?

        If you look at where they are taking iOS and OSX, there is convergence. That, I think is where you will see the next big thing from Apple. A Mac that can run iOS apps, or would it be an iPad that can run OSX apps?
    • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

      @toddybottom Get back to us when you get a clue.
    • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

      @toddybottom Spoken like someone who has never drank anything other then Apple flavored kool-aid. Sadly, Apple is repeating the mistakes of the past. Most consumers want choice, Apple does not provide choice, and as a result it will bleed away market share. Something that has been happening with the iPhone for quite sometime and will begin very soon with the iPad.

      Some people want keyboards, or larger screens or smaller screens? Apple provides a great product, but a single phone/tablet, and single form-factor isn?t going to be enough as more consumers start moving into the smart phone and tablet marketplace.
      • Profitshare is what counts

        Android is only seeing some level of success from the bottom feeders making crappy phones with negative profit margins that only the poor will buy because they can't afford an iPhone. No one is seeing any success from any phone that is priced at anything close to what the iPhone is priced at. Only Apple is making a profit in the smartphone market and don't even get me started on the tablet market.

        You know what will kill Android? Apple deciding to continue selling the previous generation iPhones at a huge discount. Apple will still make a ton of money from them because all the R&D and up-front costs have long since been recovered. Meanwhile all the Android makers have to try and recoup their R&D (if they do any) and up-front costs on production runs that number in the thousands or low hundreds of thousands. It is not a sustainable business model.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @shoddybottom In response to the apple troll: you really claim that Android is only seeing success in the low-end market? Where on earth are you living? Most Android-run phones are high end devices that kick the pants off of the iphone. Dual-core processors, large screens, real keyboards and the ability to customize your phone/tablet are the reasons that Android phones are more high-end than the iPhone. Worldwide and in the USA, more phones run Android than iOS, so not sure where you assume that Android is only seeing "some level of success".

        Again, the iphone is only in the higher price point because people like you will pay that much for an inferior product.

        The only way your argument would hold water is if you were talking about tablets, not smartphones. There are many low-end Android tablets out there, but there are also many high-end ones like the Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @toddy. I can imagine the amount of wool covered on your eyes as you seem typical iSheep. Successfull sell does not mean better product, it could just be that there are more fools in the world than smart people. Once people get more knowledge, iPhone will die naturally and that process has already started.

        iPhone and Androids are different kind of devices. iPhone is PC (or Mac) tethered device and require iTune and computer for everyday use. Androids are independent phones and does not require to carry your PC evertywhere. This is very basic and simple things that fools don't realise.

        Another reason Android is better is that Android means freedom and iPhone is for Steve Job Slaves.

        I am not Android fan, but I hate everything that try to capture market by taking advantage of fools and corporate bribes. i.e. Apple iPhone, Oracle etc. We need some ethics in business world otherwise world will be ruled by vultures, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellisons and corrupt politicians.
    • A different prediction

      Despite its remarkable sales numbers, Apple's iOS devices have a very tiny market penetration. As you claim, Apple has done an excellent job of siphoning money from early adopters, but the vast majority of the public is still sitting on the sidelines. iPhones and iPads are fashionable devices, but for most are cost prohibitive. How will Apple's profits and fortunes fair when these devices become commodities, as is the norm with all new technology? Will Apple still rake in the billions when tablets sell for under $100 and every phone is a smart phone? We are already seeing the decline of the iPod, one of Apple's cash cows, and can easily see in the near future the same fate for the iPhone and iPad. Unless Apple has another Ace up their sleeve the future does not look very bright.

      I predict that in 10 years iOS will be little more than a footnote in tech history, and that Apple will have been gobbled up by a larger competitor. Samsung, perhaps?
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        "Apple's iOS devices have a very tiny market penetration."

        Where do you live? Almost everywhere I go I see iPhones and iPads. Everyone knows what an iPhone is, not everyone knows what a Droid Charge, Galaxy S II, Pre or WP7 [insert phone name here] is.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        Bignerd, I see iPhones here and there, but I see more Android phones and BBs, which matches market numbers. I still see more dumb phones than smart phones, so, as I said, most are still on the sidelines.

        As for iPads, I see very few in the wild. We have two at the office, but they spend most of their time in desk drawers as the two people (our CFO and COO) who got them found them to be of little use. Out of the office I rarely see iPads, but then again I don't hang out at coffee shops or juice bars where the trendy set frequent. I do see Android tablets, most commonly the B&N Nook Color, but tablets in general are not that common among the general population.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        @itpro_z I'd agree that relatively few people, overall, have purchased any tablets. We're talking a few million devices total, out of a worldwide population of what, 6 billion? i think that puts tablet sales at less than 1% of the global population -- a small number.

        I'd also agree that we're starting to see iPod sales slow down. Let's face it -- at least the basic music players. I believe the iPod Touch continues to sell well, and obviously iPhone and iPad models are selling very well.

        But I think it's a bit premature to predict iPhone and iPad sales slowing like iPod sales. Music-only iPods (which, btw, sold quite well for nearly a decade) are limited devices: "one trick ponies", if you will, whereas iPhones and iPads have numerous uses and excellent general purpose computing devices. Most importantly, they're adaptable: in addition to new hardware features that Apple can add, apps make sure new functionality can be added whenever. And with 300,000 apps already available, there are tons of uses for the things.

        And Apple probably does have another ace up its sleeve. Or two. Or three. And in the meantime, it has the #1 selling smartphone (not platform) and the #1 selling tablet. So, for the foreseeable future, it's in an excellent, enviable position in both of those markets.

        Don't discount that Apple also is the only tablet maker to have "scale" on their side, too. Because of the rate at which they're selling iPads (and to a lesser extent, iPhones) Apple is getting better component pricing than other tablet makers. That makes it that much harder for competitors to fight Apple on pricing alone ... if they even want to: competing on price isn't always a wise business move.

        Finally, there's the whole patent war that's brewing. Apple may yet be able to curtail sales of competing tablets and smartphones that infringe on Apple patents.

        As for "Apple will be gobbled up by a larger competitor" ... who might that be? As the second most valuable company in the world (and briefly as #1), there essentially is no one larger ... unless or until Apple starts to sputter. But analysts don't see that happening any time soon, given the strength of Apple's product lines in their respective markets ... and the weaknesses of its competitors.

        If anything, Android may well wind up being a footnote in tech history, notable for what can happen when a company isn't as careful as it should to avoid incorporating patented technologies into its products.
      • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

        jscott69, I agree with much of what you said, but disagree on a couple of points. First, Apple has done very well selling first the iPods and now the iPhone and iPad. Both sell at a premium price, a luxury that Apple can afford due to a lack of competition. Well, competition is heating up on the phone front, as Android has come on strong and the early reviews of Microsoft's offering seem to hint at it being a viable OS. Apple is already feeling price pressure, and is promising a new, cheaper iPhone to compete. On the tablet front, MS is going to enter the game next year, while hardware companies like Samsung already have tablets that compare very favorably to the iPad. Windows 8 could very well end up being a game changer.

        Yes, Apple has the ecosystem, but another player is about to hit the market who also appears to have the ecosystem and marketing clout to go head to head with Apple: Amazon. Amazon will subsidize the price of their tablet to gain market share, and has the patience to stay with it for the long haul. If Amazon, and perhaps others, succeed in turning tablets into commodity items, will that impact Apple's profits? Apple has iTunes, but that pales next to Amazon's marketplace. Apple seems to be heading in the opposite direction, taking their tablets to even higher specs and prices. There are indications that most of the public has stayed away from tablets because of price, not features. Witness the buying frenzy for HPs orphaned tablet. If Apple pushes to higher price with their new Retina Display iPad 3, will the public follow, or migrate to Amazon, who will offer more services and a much larger marketplace at a fraction of the price?

        Time will tell.
    • RE: Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

      Good point . . . but I think that the Galaxy Tab has also been reasonably successful. Apple has more control over its ecosystem - that is why they are so successful. The other reason is that they design their products so well.

      Now that Samsung has learned how to make good-looking tablets and phones too, Apple is getting scared!