With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

Summary: RIM released five new BlackBerry OS 7 smartphones and despite a new OS on the horizon there are reasons you should consider them.


I just posted my full review of three new RIM BlackBerry models and explained a few reasons why I am seriously considering one for myself. With QNX-based BlackBerry devices on the way you may be asking yourself if you should just wait or buy one of these new ones now so let's take a further look at some considerations.

Zack wrote a post listing five reasons you should forget the new BlackBerry devices and I have to take issue with a couple of those reasons.

  1. Little to offer and not QNX-based: Yes, they are not QNX-based, but we won't see QNX until sometime in 2012 and the early 2012 date could slip since it is a completely new smartphone platform for RIM. There is not a huge change in BB OS 7, but it does have lots of improvements behind the scenes and they really are a joy to use.
  2. Emulate touch-based competitors: If you go with the Bold 9930 (which is my clear recommendation) then you get the most amazing QWERTY keyboard ever and you don't have to look at the all touch models. The touchscreen enhances the experience, IMHO.
  3. Apps will suffer: There are thousands of apps available for these BlackBerry devices and as I have mentioned a couple of times I don't think you need thousands of apps on a phone to have a great experience and get things done. BlackBerry devices are still used by many to get work done and communicate and there are plenty of apps to appeal to the end user.
  4. Not keeping up with social times: Who in the world even uses video chatting anyway?
  5. BBM is dead, Facebook Chat is where it's at: While people may not care much about BBM, it is a fantastic experience. Zack mentions Facebook and actually the Facebook Chat experience on these new BlackBerry devices is very good with notifications even appearing front and center in the notification area when someone replies to you. Twitter is well integrated and a good solid application too.

I have some reasons that people and companies may want to consider buying one of these new devices.

  1. BES is here and not going anywhere: For thousands of companies, they have BES integrated into their system and are going to keep it running for security, IT control, and other reasons. Thus, there will be millions of people looking to get the latest and greatest devices. Granted, many companies are allowing people to bring iOS and Android devices into the workspace, but I think RIM will be there for quite some time too.
  2. Companies don't change that fast: In my company most computers are still running Windows XP and most smartphone users still have the iPhone 3G. Companies, and in particular the government, don't change as fast as the consumer market and many people are still using much older BlackBerry devices so upgrading to ones with fluid experiences will be a nice change.
  3. The devices are fast and durable: Granted, I haven't had a chance for long term testing of these devices yet, but when I compare them to many Android and Windows Phone devices these ones from RIM are rock solid. The fast processor and liquid graphics make for a very enjoyable experience that I am sure many will appreciate.
  4. They pair nicely with the PlayBook: The PlayBook gets slammed a lot, but it is a very nice piece of hardware with a fluid and enjoyable user experience. Yes, it lacks apps at this time, but it does pair up very well with these BlackBerry smartphones and this alone appeals to many people.
  5. QNX is unproven on phones: As I stated, companies and government agencies don't move that fast and many of them are not quick to adopt new technologies either. QNX is being tested on the PlayBook and that serves as a nice platform for this purpose. When the new QNX-based phones come out in 2012 there is likely to be some bugs, application imcompatibilities, and more issues that have to be worked out. Companies will wait and see how the new OS performs before adopting right away so I would not expect them to purchase QNX devices until at least 2013. Thus, you can use one of these new BB OS 7 devices for a year or two before worrying about upgrading.

I am not trying to encourage everyone to go out and buy these new BlackBerry smartphone because making these decisions is a personal one where you need to find a device that works for you. However, I do think there are truly legitimate reasons that these new BB smartphones make sense. Do you agree that there is a market for these new smartphone? Do you plan to pick one up?

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  • Translation: Get a blackberry because you'll make

    the suits in IT happy.
  • RE: With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

    I think the counter points are straight on. As an IT Manager in a huge Firm, we definitely don't switch computer OS or for that matter devices that quickly. We as well are just switching currently to Win7 from XP. Most consumers (users) don't realize what a headache it is to do such a feat. There are a lot of compatibility issues that arise so jumping on the bandwagon for each new OS or Device doesn't make much sound business sense. I agree that the new BB7 software and faster hardware should make a major difference in my user's daily experience so will be suggesting to them to upgrade.
  • Blackberry OS and Blackberries are superior....

    ... Blackberry OS in any iteration is still vastly superior to iOS where it matters. Most corporate types and power users have thousands of emails and need to access them on the go. The BB universal search is just great allowing for speedy searches through all of the BB's data. I've still OS6 on a rather small BB9100... there's nothing it kind find quickly, BBM messages, Facebook, Twitter, Contacts, Emails, SMSs...
    Try getting and iPhone or and iPad to show more than 200 messages at a time...
    Haven't tried Android phones that much to talk about them...

  • Errr...

    Unsure if I'd want to touch a Blackberry at this point [I have a Bold 9700]. Aside from company financial problems, would you want to take the chance with BB7? RIM has a tendency of dropping support for an OS quite fast after a new one was out. REminds me of when Apple announced they were dumping the PowerPC chip platform. that left people with PowerPC Macs with a big paperweight after a couple of years [I'm sure eBay was bombarded with them.] This also affected sales. Once you knew that the Intel Macs were coming out and [at one point the death of the PowerPC Macs] why buy a PowerPC Mac? The same for now. Why buy a BB7 Blackberry when QNX is around the corner [assuming it is better than BB6&7].
    • RE: With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

      Company financial problems? Their stock may be down, and they have let some people go, but the balance sheet and cash on hand is nothing to sneeze at! The are very strong on the balance sheet. They have enough money to weather a storm.
      I have had 7 different models of blackberries dating back longer than I want to remember, and haven't called on them for OS support once! Their OS is well built. If anything, it is app programmers that stop supporting older OS due to new features in newer OS versions.
      Besides, have you heard Windows 8 is coming to PC's in another couple of years? Maybe you should hold off with that laptop and desktop purchase with Windows 7 on it. Then there will be Windows 9. Better hold off for 7 years until that comes out. Oh wait, then Windows 10.... Same can be said for IOS5, IOS6, IOS7 or any OS for that matter. You want to see a company making plans for their future. My point of waiting for QNX as the excuse to hold off buying, is ridiculous unless it releases next month. If you need a phone, buy one with the features you want and need now.
      Ray (Canada)
    • RE: With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

      @Gisabun RIM still supports Blackberry OS 4.6 and above in most of its products and services including BES. You should check your facts before you post!
  • I wouldn't take any notice

    of ZWhittacker's blog on this subject. He writes from his own little self-contained world. He doesn't get out much and when that happens, you mistakenly think everything you do is what all other people do.
  • RE: With QNX on the horizon, here's 5 reasons you should still consider a new BB OS 7 smartphone

    S&P Shifted from Buy To Sell on Google, and also removed U.S. 3 Stars. However, Canada still has their 3 Star Credit rating... It's a shift away from their own fear of the U.S. and it's company's dying that it is to try to kill the competition through bad reviews, and negativity! You can't kill RIM! Nice Try though! Canada Rocks!
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