Chinese hackers top world leading programmers' site

Chinese hackers top world leading programmers' site

Summary: Nine of the leaderboard's top 10 programmers are from China. The only American in the top 20 ranks 12.


HONG KONG - Perhaps not so many people in China have even heard of the site,, but for those Chinese hackers who dominate the site’s leaderboard, it is their arena: nine out of the top ten are from the country. The only American in top 20 ranks 12.

Hacker Leaderboard, from

The site is a problem-solving platform for some of the world’s elite programmers. It provides coding challenges and helps corporations like Facebook and Microsoft to identify the talent.

Gild, a social networking and skills sharing site for programmers, did a study in October, 2011, examining the core skills of almost half a million programmers via more than one million tests. The study showed that Chinese programmers outscored their American counterparts in logic and math by 20 percent, although they lagged behind in core programming languages.

"Software development remains a bright spot for the U.S., with American programmers the best in the world, but is it sustainable?” said Sheeroy Desai, CEO of Gild, in a statement. “America must invest in education to stay ahead. Developing nations such as China are clearly putting an immense focus on core skills education, particularly math."

In 2010, Operation Aurora, in which Google, Adobe, Yahoo, and some other 20 American companies were attacked by hackers from China, caught global attention. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of the top universities in China, and Lan Xiang Vocational School, which is said to be tied to the Chinese military, were the origin points of these “highly sophisticated attacks.”

In Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s 2011 Report of the Work of Government, the government plans to spend 4 percent of the country’s GDP on education in 2012, a long time goal at last achieved. “We have been waiting for the 4 percent for decades; it finally came true,” said Professor Ma Guoxian at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. “It means that we are joining the moderately developed countries in terms of education spending.”

Now it doesn’t matter that whether the Chinese central government or military is behind every alleged cyber-attack on the US; what matters is that the cyber-war is on, and China is getting ready for it.

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  • With the congressclowns in power in the USA.... the USA is DOOMED!!!!!

    The USA doesn't have a chance, the clowns and criminals have destroyed the education system, colleges are a complete and utter joke, there isn't a chance of comeback either.
    The current two party kleptocracy has raped every working person in USA to the point of extinction, while shoveling the money by the shipload to our enemies and the multinational companies that actively work against the USA working class.

    Time to defund the pentagon psychopaths and fire the entire administration pretending to run the schools and re-invent the USA without the parasitic 1% psychopaths at the helm. If it takes a USA Bastille day so be it.
    Reality Bites
  • %

    If China produces developers at the same rate the United States does, then naturally they will have more. The population base is larger.

    And reality does bite, so get a grip.
  • Quality, not quantity

    We have quite a few very fine developers here, and many of them are associated with universities. We did lose at least one generation of minds, however, when finance became a more attractive major than computer science. Just wait -- as China becomes more capitalist, they will lose their interest in the creative side of technology and will be sucked into the money-for-money's-sake culture.
  • Falling Behind

    The reason America is falling behind is because they're promoting and educating according to race and gender instead of the most qualified by ability and/or intelligence. They will continue to fall behind until this is corrected..Also this country thinks nothing of destoying someones life and/or reputation..and thus breaking their will toward positive turning it to negative.
  • Logic and Math

    Logic and Math were NEVER strong points in American education (or British for that matter). The Western European and Chinese education systems place much more emphasis on this core skill.
    I would be willing to bet though that quite a few of those "Chinese" on the list are not from mainland though. From my experience of China, yes there's a lot of Mathematical and Physics prowess, but coding takes imagination, and thats something most Chinese are simply lacking.
    The indirect cause of this lack of creative thinking is fear. Fear to speak out, fear to be different, fear to suggest an alternative. The governmental system here is smothering the minds of a billion potential geniuses every day.
    To go to Macau or especially Hong Kong afterwards is like stepping into an intellectual Chinese golden age. I swear a piece of your brain is turned on that is kept off while you're in China. It's like something out of "Limitless".
  • Stop all this babbling.
    Lets do something about it besides just discussing how we need to do something about it.