Lenovo is now No.2 PC maker; Dell says it doesn't care

Lenovo is now No.2 PC maker; Dell says it doesn't care

Summary: Lenovo becomes the No.2 PC firm in global market share. Dell, which used to be No. 2, says it doesn’t care -- because it's a solution provider rather than a pure PC firm.


According to data from Gartner, HP remained the top dog in PC market share, Lenovo vaulted to No. 2 as its share rose from 11.1% to 13.5%, while Dell dropped to 3rd place as its share came down to 11.6%.

Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, ascribes this increase to Lenovo’s long-term promise to PC customers. As a result, Lenovo got a bump in both consumer and commercial markets.

But Dell didn’t pay much attention to Lenovo’s getting ahead. In this week’s Dell World in Austin, Texas, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell told reporters: Lenovo may get a larger share in the PC market, but Dell is better at revenue and profit, at which Lenovo cannot catch up.

Michael Dell, CEO of DELL

Michael Dell says that Dell is not only a PC manufacturer but also a solutions company, which provides its customers with PC, storage, server, data center and cloud computing technology, etc.

However, both Lenovo and Dell are challenged by Apple’s competitiveness in mobile market.

In the coming months, to rise to the challenge, Lenovo will launch new products including a ThinkPad Tablet. By the end of this year, it will launch a  second-generation LePhone- Phone S2.

Michael Dell says Dell is keen on the opportunities brought by Microsoft Windows 8 to Tablet PC. He stresses Dell will not give up in the PC market, "DELL is an end-to-end IT solution provider."

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  • Dell

    If that's true Dell now has to compete with Salesforce, Accenture, IBM, BMC, ACS, HP EDS, Deloitte, ISS, Sodexo, Infosys, Convergys, Wipro among others...

    How about just stick to PC'S?
  • RE: Lenovo is now No.2 PC maker; Dell says it doesn't care

    Not to mention that Apple is growing between 20x and 80x the entire PC market would lead someone to thin that Dell has a future. It does't matter in a post PC world!
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