Welcome to View from China

Welcome to View from China

Summary: This new blog, written by the Beijing-based ZDNet China editorial team, will report on IT industry development from the Chinese perspective.


Nihao, welcome to the "View from China", which is a blog written by the ZDNet China editorial team based in Beijing.

"View from China" will report on IT industry development from the Chinese perspective. Initially, we plan to  focus on the following three topics:

Hot topics in China: We'll blog about the latest hot spots of China technology Industry, such as mobile, e-commerce, social networking, cloud computing, etc.

Multinational companies in China: We'll cover multinational companies' development in China. Companies covered will include Microsoft, HP and Google and introduce the news about internationlized Chinese companies such as Lenovo and Huawei.

Management in China: We'll look at the market environment in China in terms of investment, company management, corporate culture and other items.

We look forward to hearing feedback.

Topics: Browser, CXO, China, IT Employment

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The ZDNet China editorial team, based in Beijing, reports on IT industry developments from the Chinese perspective.

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