How Kanye West influences enterprise social business strategy

How Kanye West influences enterprise social business strategy

Summary: Entertainment personality Kanye West's outburst over the weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony has implications for the enterprise business world.Jive Software, whose 'SBS' (Social Business Software) 'frees people to engage in open, natural business conversations and workflows that typically are trapped inside of emails, phone calls or meetings', to quote their line, is announcing 'Market Engagement' today.


Entertainment personality Kanye West's outburst over the weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony has implications for the enterprise business world.

Jive Software, whose 'SBS' (Social Business Software) 'frees people to engage in open, natural business conversations and workflows that typically are trapped inside of emails, phone calls or meetings', to quote their line, is announcing 'Market Engagement' today.

Already a well established player in the internal collaboration space, Jive are leveraging partner Radian6 to quickly form social media strategy from key observations of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other online social sources to enable faster movement in the moment of pain - or the moment of marketing opportunity - to leverage real time events.

Radian6, who had a big weekend on television this weekend with real time Twitter analysis and visualization during and after the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, are already partners with WebTrends for web analytics (digital marketing department) and (sales and customer support departments).

This was the first time a live show like the MTV VMA's used real time monitoring of a social network to reflect how the audience was reacting to events as they unfolded.  A blending of live feedback and analysis with a live TV show - provided by an online platform of Radian6 and Stamen plus interactive host @ijustine live on TV.  Not only did viewers get a glance into the collective reaction (ie. if someone wore an amazing dress on the red carpet and everyone liked it viewers and the online audience could see the collective "gasp of delight") but MTV could see what it's "users" thought of it's "product" (VMA's) and could react and adjust accordingly in real-time.

You can launch the Stamen/Radian6 Twitter platform here.

Radian6 enables just this type of thing with all of its customers, in this case it just happened to be a live, televised awards show.

The holy grail of the modern marketing driven business is not just to have a social media presence but to be agile and reactive in customer relations - to have finely tuned antennae in the marketplace.

Radian6 and other players in the social media monitoring, measurement and engagement space are forging ahead in the consumer space, with events like the MTV awards demonstrating how powerful an interactive force in the mainstream media Twitter and other modern tools are becoming. The audience increasingly expects to be part of real time conversation; facilitating this while providing analytics is itself becoming central to the entertainment experience. Lean forward interaction is sexier than lean back passive TV consumption.

Against these shifts in the way people consume entertainment, enterprises struggle to craft viable customer relationship management, which until recently was all about outsourcing telephone support and polling to get the maximum people coverage for the least outlay.

I spoke with Radian6 CEO Marcel Lebrun who said

"Social media is quickly becoming a key part of the business and entertainment landscape.  Radian6 aims to be the engine that drives the collection, analysis, measurement and engagement aspects of this emerging shift.  Whether this involves integrating with various enterprise platforms (like a Jive Software) or innovating with partners on the development of new applications or visualizations (like the MTV VMA's) Radian6 works with brands to adopt the use of social media as a key communications medium with their customers and communities."

For Jive customers like Nike, being part of the conversation and parsing the meaning of words allows them to anticipate product design, launch and marketing.

Implementing a broad, unified social business design to allow users to participate in productive conversations with customers that build loyalty, drive engagement and increase revenue while also helping Jive show key performance indicators through analytics.

One of the historical challenges of the enterprise collaboration industry has been not so much setting up analytics but rather figuring out what is worth measuring. Identifying performance indicators is still underestimated, as is most of the strategy and tactics of what is of value using modern 2.0 tools, but being spoilt for choice of what to measure in real time has to be a good thing.

While a public relations disaster or triumph at a less glamorous Jive customer than Nike, like a financial services company for example, is essentially the same as the MTV awards as an event, albeit less sexy to a consumer audience.

Jive’s Market Engagement Solution provides a “Market Space” - a secure area that allows the right people to come together instantly to take action in the moment of pain or opportunity. A Jive 'Market Space' allows users to bring in observations from individual tweets, blogs, or anything gleaned from the baked in Radian6 monitoring tools, which can then be shared instantly.  This “war room” environment allows for rapid tactical decisions from the well informed decision makers within the organization.

These observations can then be consolidated into market summary reports, which Jive calls “Viewpoints.”  These reports can be shared broadly within the organization to foster collaboration and to develop and implement appropriate responses.  Jive Market Engagement also then provides the ability to analyze and measure the effectiveness of those responses.

There is real substance amongst the fluff and ephemera of all the 'social media' hoopla: effective measurement and analytics are at the heart of identifying that business value.

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  • dude, you can't even spell his name right

    its KANYE WEST!
    • He Doesnt deserve his name spelled at all!

      As far as I am concerned he doesn't even deserve to have is name put on anything let alone spelled right or wrong! That was crap not art!
    • Spelling corrected

      Thank you.
      --David Grober, ZDNet
      David Grober
    • Who cares?

      Seriously, who care how his name is spelled?
    • typo, DUDE. DUH.

      If this person was a little more aware one could easily see that this type of typo is easy to do. Too bad that it wasn't caught but oh well. Any intelligent person can understand that happening and be a bit more flexible.

      However at the next awards I hope that Guido and Luigi are there to keep anyone back that may try to grab the microphone from a young girl. There's no excuse for being a bully like that, DUDE.

  • RE: Kayne West Influences Enterprise Social Business Strategy

    None of this means squat to business; all this is just self hype.
  • not a role model

    we've lost our way in America on many levels. many ppl think a role model is anyone with more cash than them.
    • Money is everything

      That's the lesson of capitalism. It plays out in all of American culture, the money is what matters.
      • Really?

        Is it? Money is everything? Not hard work leads to reward? I thought that
        was the lesson of capitalism... Dude, you're getting it wrong, no amount
        of money is going to make what Kanye did acceptable.

        Actually, if he's that rich, does he really need such lame self-promotion?
        Let's face it, that was it was - it was never about Beyonce's video.
  • RE: Kayne West Influences Enterprise Social Business Strategy

    Kayne is an idiot who happened to make a lot of money through ignorant music fans. It does not make him a genius or good person.
  • RE: Kayne West Influences Enterprise Social Business Strategy

    And he misspelled Radian6 the first time when he wrote Radion6. Do these high traffic blogs employ proofreaders?
  • SEO fishing at its finest

    I generally respect ZDNet for tech-news breadth, and
    many of its contributors and even TalkBackers; as an
    editor/web content manager I admire your stuff.
    (disclosure: i once worked there). But the sensationalism
    and misleading is getting too much. This is a decent case
    study...except you pollute it with an outrageous and
    obviously carefully SEO-crafted headline & teaser to
    surreptitiously siphon Web-searching eyeballs. "Implication
    for the enterprise business world"?? Great ink for this one
    company (and probably similar providers), but cmon, show
    some "seasoned" perspective like your bio claims you have.

    Oh, and like the others said...SEO works best when you
    actually spell the keywords right (Kanye, Radian...)
  • This was actually used

    at Nokia World recently. They had a big screen set up where people could see other people's twitter updates about what they found cool on the floor.
  • They needed analysis to see people think Kanye West's a walking a$$hole?

    I could told them that for free. Before the show was even on.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • I think the get it now.

      What a shoddy thing to do. I don't care how much he disagreed with the
      decision, he should show a little class. But I guess Kanye West can't help
      acting like a stereotype. If he thinks that was a comfortable position for
      Beyonce then he's stupid.
  • He's just another two-bit thug... parole violation away from never seeing the light of day again.
    • We should be so lucky. (nt)

      Hallowed are the Ori
    • Thug? Are you serious?

      Are you that scared of dark skinned people? Kanye is about "thug" as Mr. Rogers. He's just another musician pop icon with an oversized ego and a gross lack of maturity. Those traits describe 90% of the famous people that America loves to glamorize and idolize.

      Thug... Paris Hilton would be more dangerous than him.
      • Race? Are you serious?

        What does the color of his skin have to do with it? His behavior is the issue, not his race. What is it with you liberals calling everyone with whom you disagree racist?