John Morris

John Morris is a former executive editor at CNET Networks and senior editor at PC Magazine.

Sean Portnoy

Sean Portnoy is a former executive editor at Computer Shopper magazine and editor at CNET Networks.

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The choices for thin, low-cost ULV laptops expand

Just when I was starting to wonder what happened to all those ultra-low voltage (ULV) laptops, computer makers opened the flood gates. These laptops, which are thinner, lighter and less costly than mainstream notebooks, are now available in a range of display sizes, including some models with 11.

August 31, 2009 by


Netbooks with Nvidia's Ion wait on Windows 7

Nvidia's Ion platform may be off to a slow start, but that could change once Windows 7 arrives in late October. To date Ion has been used only in nettops--including two new ones from Asus and Lenovo--but the first netbooks should finally arrive around the time Microsoft releases its new operating system.

August 21, 2009 by