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John Morris is a former executive editor at CNET Networks and senior editor at PC Magazine.

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Sean Portnoy is a former executive editor at Computer Shopper magazine and editor at CNET Networks.

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Sony's Centrino 2 laptop lineup

Details of Sony's new laptops have been trickling out for several weeks, but Sony held off on an official announcement to coincide with Intel's Centrino 2 launch this week.Sony introduced four new VAIO lines ranging from the 3-pound Z-series ultraportable with a 13.

July 15, 2008 by


Details on HP's new laptops and all-in-one desktop

HP released a slew of new consumer and business products--including 17 new laptops--at an event in Berlin earlier today. In addition to HP and Compaq notebooks, new products include a refresh of its TouchSmart all-in-one PC, a Voodoo-branded desktop and notebook, and a 30-inch flat-panel.

June 10, 2008 by

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Netbook roundup from Computex

When Asus first unveiled its Eee PC at Computex in 2007, the industry viewed it as curiosity. One year later, Asus says it has sold more than a million Eee PCs and a new category, the ultra low-cost PC, is suddenly one of the biggest trends at this year's tradeshow.

June 6, 2008 by


Via has designs on mini-notebooks

In an effort to capitalize on the surprising growth in mini-notebooks, Via Technologies has released a new reference design based on its C7-M processor and chipset.With all the attention paid to the Intel-AMD rivalry, you may have forgotten about Via, the other company that designs x86 processors.

May 28, 2008 by