Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop

Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop

Summary: It was just last week that Dell's former "addiction" to Intel processors -- a.k.


It was just last week that Dell's former "addiction" to Intel processors -- a.k.a. Intel doing everything it could to make Dell not sell systems with AMD chips -- resurfaced. Well, times have changed, and now you can find AMD processors in a small number of the company's desktops and laptops. The latest is the Inspiron M101z.

This budget laptop is currently being offered in the UK with two different AMD Neo CPU options: a 1.7GHz single-core Athlon II K125 or a dual-core 1.3GHz Athlon K325. The 11.6-inch notebook also comes with 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive, runs Windows 7 Home Premium, and packs ATI RS880M integrated graphics. Dell claims a typical battery life of 6.5 hours, and it's available in blue, pink, and red lid colors in addition to basic black.

Pricing and availability for the US has not been announced, but the single-core model works out to about $587 and the dual-core one costs roughly $664.

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  • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop

    Over $500 is your idea of "budget?" What cave do you live in? For real people who have to actually pay for their own gear, *under* $300 is "budget."
    • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop

      @Morely under $300 for an ultra portable? I think not.
      • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop


        I think so 300-350 is a fair price for a netbook since they are not full blown laptops/notebooks. It seems that what once was a nice cheap ultra portable computer has morphed into something else and since it is popular lets charge more. %uckers
    • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop


      I agree i know these rich ZDNET Californians think budget is 600-700 for netbooks. But here on the east coast budget is walmart pricing @ <300 maybe 350 for some. I cannot believe Dell would even consider selling these in the US for those prices.
      • Anyone who tells their friends or relatives...

        @MLHACK... to buy a Walmart special, should be taken out and beaten. I know at least a half a dozen friends and family who got suckered into the cheap Walmart specials, and came crying to me after a year. I told them to buy a new one, it wouldn't be worth it to have anyone look at it.

        If you are going to buy a computer, buy something that has some quality to it, not the cheap second hand garbage that wally world sells. There is a reason why they are so cheap... It is called sub-quality materials and parts.

        Anything, and everything I have bought from walmart in the last two years has either died or wore out in under a year. Walmart sells cheap, I prefer quality. When I buy a TV or in this case a PC, I expect it to last at least 4 years if not longer. Walmart is Fall-apart.
      • I agree...

        @MLHACK These companies keep charge an arm and a leg for a netbook that isn't worth any more than that. It needs to stop. This netbook is no better than anything you will buy from walmart. So why would you want to pay 500-600 for a walmart quality netbook?
    • People who buy $300...

      @Morely... "Budget PC's" inevitably bring them to me in a year and ask me to please fix. I tell them buy a new computer.

      The Quality of a $300 computer is just crap. Most people should be able to qualify for financing to cover $500 to $1000 rather easily, and should rather easily pay that off in no more than two years or less. Not only are they buying a beefier machine, but they are also buy better quality.

      It would cost the user more to pay me to fix a "Budget PC" than it would to just buy a new piece of Crap every year. You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

      $80 - $100 just to troubleshoot the thing, that is just to put it on the bench, uh well that is already a 3rd of that your "Budget PC" costs. After that it may be parts, or malware cleanup, data recovery... all of which takes time, and by the time it is over, the invoice for repair has already exceeded what it would cost them to buy a new one.

      Do yourself and your users a favor Buy or recommend a better quality PC, get the extended warranty, and if it is a laptop, buy the accidental damage protection. Spend the extra money get somthing that will last you for four years, and won't hurt quite so much if you have to pay $200 in repairs later on, certainly better then telling you users to buy a new one every year, and better for the environment.
      • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop


        Huh so define your "better quality pc" Best Buy Walmart etc sell all of the big boys hp dell acer sony etc.. Also with the economy still in the crapper people are not able to spend a grand on a new laptop plus the extended warranty and your accidental damage now it costs 2 grand. You can definitely tell you are more of a sales man then a tech.
      • So you are comfortable sending...

        @MLHACK... friends, family, and coworkers to walmart for a computer? I hope you provide your services and the parts free of charge then when it fails a year later, after all you are so concerned about their pocket book.

        The economy has little to do with someones computer purchase, unless they are unemployed, in which case they are better off waiting till they have a job again. The economy didn't stop people from purchasing 2m iPhone 4's in the first 3 days, or 3m iPads in 3 months.

        And an extended warranty for 4 years with Accidental Damage Protection only cost about $400 from dell, prices vary from OEM and reseller, in fact the accidental damage part only cost $100, where the extended warranty is $290. So for about $100 per year the protect is well worth it, that is <$9 per month. So with the purchase of say a $900 better built computer + the ADP & Warranty that is about $1300, that is just a little over $55 per month for 2 years of financing. The average person who makes 25k+ year should have no problem getting that financed.
  • sorry but the average person right now is living paycheck to....

    paycheck JM1981. The economy is the reason why. If they could return all the things they are paying for without an issue or loss they would and then they wouldn't have to live paycheck to paycheck. Everyone I have talked to in the last year is doing a job that pays them 1/2 what they were making before. All of their checks go to strictly paying bills nothing else if they are lucky they have $20 leftover at every 2 wks. Now tell me how financing a new pc is possible.
  • RE: Dell offers AMD Neo processors in Inspiron M101z budget laptop

    i???m in total disappointmnt right now because after 6 months of using i already encountered 3 problems on my neo b4103n laptop.. the first one i encountered corrupted files that caused my webcam to malfunctioned, then i brought it in ADI ASIanic where i bought the unit to repair it.. i got it back the same day.. second problem is that my laptop???s hard drive hang up after 3 months of using it just for surfing and downloading files and movies from the net.. i brought it back again in Asianic to repair it and asked me to left the unit in order to be repaired???