Google, Asus rumored to release co-branded 7-inch Android tablet in May

Google, Asus rumored to release co-branded 7-inch Android tablet in May

Summary: Google is supposedly working with Asus on a 7-inch Android tablet that will compete with the Kindle Fire.


Look out Amazon, Google apparently has its sights set on the Kindle Fire. Despite that tablet's use of Google's Android OS (with a heavy makeover), the search giant is apparently working with Asus on a rival slate with the same 7-inch form factor, according to Digitimes. The co-branded tablet could be available as soon as May for $199-$249.

Google has been searching for a hardware co-partner for a tablet, much as it has released Google-branded Nexus phones with Samsung. Digitimes says that HTC wanted too much development control and wasn't interested in a lower-priced offering, while Acer didn't have the in-house development capability to satisfy Google. It decided on Asus because of its product quality and manufacturing capacity, with Asus apparently keen to make a splash in the U.S. tablet market.

The tablet will supposedly be the first to feature the new Google Play Store, though no other specifics about the device were reported. Apple is also rumored to be mulling a smaller iPad, which could further provide competitive pressure on the highly successful Kindle Fire.

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  • 7" is nice, But

    I really like the 8.2" size like Xyboard. I do not own a tablet. I have used several though. It seems the little extra screen size of the 8.2" over the 7" makes things like movies and apps look better & easier to use. Plus the 8.2" is more convenient to carry than the 10" size & to me, doesn't seem to loose anything in regards to usability. If a 8.2" quad core ICS device hits the market, I may have to finally pick up a tablet.
  • The kindle fire is a piece of trash. Not good if thats google ends up with.

    amazon sacrificed with a crappy screen, crappy battery life, crappy perf on crappy hardware that weighs a ton just to get crappy battery life at all from its crappy android os. It really trashed the good reputation kindle had going. the fire isnt worth $29. If $199 means googles is that crappy too theyre better off not bringing it out even though they already have a terrible reputation. If it's $399 its up against the ipad2 now and will lose everytime. Thats a pretty small price window and if its not out until may it has a pretty small time window before W8 tablets (with kindle readers) come out and no one wants an android one any more. If you own a kindle fire or an android tablet now is the time to try to dump it on ebay before you cant get anything for them.
    Johnny Vegas
    • I don't think you could write (If you tried that is)

      anything that screamed "Way over the top MS fan here" then this:) Seriously i'm so not an Android fan nor do I care for the Kindle Fire but even I had to think to myself "Whoa there dude take a chill pill or something" when reading your response and I had to laugh when I saw you threw in a plug for W8 in your rant.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • You may be right ..... but ....

        ... his rant also talks about very well known facts about the Kindle Fire.

        I haven't seen a Kindle Fire on the wild yet .... and the 3 people I know purchased one, loved it for about a week ... until reality set in and ended up RETURNING them. Not even one of them kept it for a month or had it replaced. They just asked Amazon for their money back.
    • You're inept English

      I started to read your post but soon quit; you're command of the English language is abominable and almost caused my brain to explode - I had to stop reading.
      Wally Guevara
  • What better vote of confidence ....

    .... than having the competition built a product instead of the company you just spent $13B for.

    Guess Google has absolutely no confidence that Motorola can actually do something right. They just wanted the crappy patents .... that have proved to have no power.
    • Easy come, easy go

      Google has made a lot of easy money. It's not hard to spend such, by the billions.
  • Nice but still think a bigger tab would benefit

    When it comes to quadcore chips i think they should use the S4 chipset coming out around the same time period. It performs alot better supposedly still skeptical though. 10 tabs are cool but i wouldnt mind something a little longer maybe a 12-13inch tab basically something that mirrors asus's new padphone but longer in length and a cleaner design (thickness, display uniformity). I just feel this differentiates google from the market and is a complete game changer and will wake the rest of the market up. I just feel the whole one fits all especially contractually is awesome.
  • This is where the tablet goes mainstream

    The iPad is going to face significant pressure this year from the Nexus Tablet. That performance at that price is unbeatable.
    • Disagree

      I found that article unpersuasive, especially the way that bluetooth keyboard accessories were dismissed as "too hard to carry" while keyboard docks were just the best thing ever. That makes no sense.

      It also makes no sense to allow the Asus Transformer to define a segment when every other tablet out there is one portable keyboard away from being in the same segment. There have been numerous add-on keyboards for the iPads since the original came out.

      We'll have to agree to disagree on the issue of keyboard docks. I think people who seriously need one seriously need an Ultrabook (or MBA) instead.

      Apple has pretty well demonstrated that the tablet market is not about "price performance." That's what computers are about when purchased by knowledgeable customers. All the people who went to market thinking that tablets are just little computers lost their shirts, and anybody who goes to market in the future expecting knowledgeable customers who respond to sales points like, "Ours has more cores at higher gigahertz!" will also lose their shirts.

      The so-called "media tablet" is mis-named. It's an "ecosystem tablet," which is why only Apple and Amazon have been able to sell more than a few thousand units. They are the only ones who spent significant time thinking about how to integrate content acquisition into the device, i.e. not just as a bolt-on.
      Robert Hahn
      • The keyboard dock on the Asus Transformer Line is awesome

        The keyboard dock changes the tablet from being just a consumption device to being a production device as well and in many cases, completely eliminating the need for a laptop. If you haven't used the Transformers with the keyboard dock, you will not realize how it's a complete game changer. The bluetooth keyboards are indeed clumsy and require separate handling and using with support on a table. The Transformers can be rested on a table, a lap, one hand. It is the only tablet worth buying today.
      • Of course, for those who need keyboard


        You are absolutely right. But you also need to accept the fact that there are tablet uses and tablet applications that are in fact better without keyboard. Some very good examples were demonstrated by Apple with the iPad3 launch, like iPhone. It seems Adobe too thinks you can edit photos by touching them with the Photoshop Touch etc.

        It is already demonstrated that one can have word processing and presentation software done by touch as well.

        No doubt the Transformer is nice product, but it is really niche.
  • Sounds like continued race to the bottom.

    Google have the resources to innovate, and set a standard for the rest of the Android market by building a killer tablet. Even if its just a reference model like what Intel and Microsoft used to do. Show the partners the way t building a successful device that will challenge Apple. But from what I am hearing, this will just continue the race to the bottom with lowered expectation tablets. 7" screens, slower processor than what Apple is offering, shorter battery-life, and all-around lousy experience.
  • Never do this

    My spies have installed a bug at Asus Headquarters, It just picked up this conversation:

    "Hey boss! Google just called! They want to partner with us on a 7" Android tablet!"[ul]Google? Didn't they just buy Motorola Mobility? Why are they coming to us to build a 7" tablet? Why don't they want to spend their own R&D on one?"[/ul]
    Robert Hahn
  • new idea just in

    Ipad keyboardcase
  • You left out the best part: 1280 x 800 resolution

    With a resolution of 1280 x 800, the Google tablet will boast the highest ppi of any device in its size class. Think of it as a poor man's Retina display.
  • Tablet technology and laptop

    Tablet is giving tough competition to the Notebooks and laptops.,42/