HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

Summary: Long before the iPad came along HP was trying to make touch work better on Windows. Today HP announced new versions of its touchscreen all-in-one PCs and an update to its TouchSmart software.


Back in the days when Steve Jobs was still deriding tablets as niche products, HP was trying to make touch work better on Windows (here's some previous coverage of its TouchSmart all-in-one PCs). Today HP announced new versions of its touchscreen AIOs and an updated version of the TouchSmart software.

HP is introducing two new AIOs: the TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC and the TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC. Both are based on a 23-inch LED-backlit display that reclines 60 degrees. This should make it more comfortable to walk up and view content on the wide-angle display and control the PC via the multi-touch. (If you've ever tried using a standard laptop with a multi-touch display, you know how difficult it can be to use touch input on a nearly vertical display.) The new display also tilts forward 5 degrees and swivels.

The consumer AIO also gets a TouchSmart refresh. HP has actually offered the touch-optimized versions of Hulu, Netflix, Rhapsody and Twitter (plus its own RecipeBox) for some time. What's really new here is the TouchSmart Apps Center for adding new apps, of course; support for HP's Beats Audio, which enhances the audio quality of music; and a LinkUp utility that lets you view and control other PCs on your home network via the TouchSmart AIO.

The TouchSmart 610 starts at $899.99 with 2.3GHz AMD Athlon II X4 605e quad-core processor, 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive (HP is currently offering a free upgrade to a 750GB drive) and a slot-loading DVD burner. It will be available for order starting February 9. The TouchSmart 9300 is designed for vertical markets such as retail stores and hospitals. It will use the new Intel Core processors (code-named Sandy Bridge), which have been delayed a few weeks because of a design flaw in the chipset. The TouchSmart 9300 will ship in May.

The TouchSmart software does make the touch experience on Windows better. But the big test will be the next version of Windows, which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said will include a "major revamp" for slate-style tablets. Microsoft has its own Surface 2.0 solution for vertical markets, which it demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, and it has also shown how the Kinect motion-controller for Xbox 360 could be used as another input method for these kinds of applications in the future.

Earlier coverage of HP TouchSmart PCs:

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  • Does new TouchSmart has laptop version?

    Laptop has no such thing of "vertical display" issue.
    • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

      @FADS_z Yes there is only need to check right laptop.
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  • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones


    Please tell me this is a joke. TouchSmart? Consumer PC?? Elite Business PC???

    What's smart about looking at a screen with the image of the ceiling lights glaring back at you? and then putting smeary marks all over it? This the most retarded product on the market right now, and someone needs to explain that to Ballmer and the idiots at HP.

    And what's with the "Consumer" and "Elite Business" differentiation? This is worse than Dell's solution. Who the hell are HP to tell me what spec I want at home or in the office? A PC user has different requirements - which they are [mostly] capable of defining for themselves. What If I want the top of the line computer in my home [which I do and have] and the lower spec model in reception [which I do and have]? Do I have to ask permission to enter the "Elite Business" department just to look at my home computer - and then tell a bunch of lies about turnover just to buy the ugly thing? And then send my receptionist home to buy her computer?? Where does this retarded thinking come from? Stupid to such a colossal degree and on so many levels.

    And your attempt here to position MS and HP in some imagined chronologically superior position in relation to Steve Jobs and Apple is just plain lazy journalism. Touch technology is relevant to the environment where space it at a premium, not on desktops. MS have got that wrong - several times. Since we've seen Ballmer touting HP garbage several times now, I can only imagine HP are being heavily subsidised to produce these idiotic monstrosities.
    Graham Ellison
    • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

      @Graham Ellison
      I specially like this part of your post:
      "Who the hell are HP to tell me what spec I want at home or in the office? A PC user has different requirements - which they are [mostly] capable of defining for themselves."

      If I may ask, who are you to tell that nobody would like this?
      • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

        @mlev2 Having read this three times, I think I've got the gist of what you're getting at. And to answer you, may I draw your attention to the total number of comments this article has attracted: just 4 in 8 hours. Hardly a roaring endorsement in itself, however, if this is a popular computer, how come of those 4 comments, 3 are negative.

        Get a life... and a new job. HP make decent printers, nothing else.
        Graham Ellison
    • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

      @Graham Ellison <br>@Graham Ellison <br>You have made so many wrong assumptions!!!<br>1. Where does the article state that the display angle is FIXED at sixty degrees? It says UPTO sixty degrees - that means you can adjust it however you want (depending on where your ceiling lights are, since it appears that your lihts don't have a switch).<br>2. Where does it say that a buyer will have to prove he is an elite business? Or a consumer? It's just the names of the models, you moron.<br>3. What made you think you won't be able to get some customization options? The config mentioned in the article is just the base option.<br>4. Smeary marks??? Hello, it's a touch screen, you idiot!! What the hell can HP do if you don't wipe your greasy fingers before touching the screen?<br>5. HP is being heavily subsidized... really??? By whom? Why should MS do so when they are competing against Surface 2? And why should MS risk the wrath of other OEMs? And for a price that starts at $899, I don't see any need for a subsidy.<br><br>Next time, think before you rant... if you can.
  • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

    With WebOS?
  • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

    @Graham Ellison- You have to be the biggest idiot out there none of your posts do anything but bash this that or the other and not once have you ever shown any sign of having a brain let alone an opinion worth listening to. Thanks for once again illustrating to the world a real life example of what a troll is. Please in the future limit your oppinions to the inmates at the mental institution where you currently reside as the rest of us just aren't interested.
  • RE: HP announces new TouchSmart all-in-ones

    And why should MS risk the wrath of other OEMs? And for a price that starts at $899, I don't see any need for a subsidy.
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