Intel exec acknowledges delay in rolling out Ivy Bridge processors

Intel exec acknowledges delay in rolling out Ivy Bridge processors

Summary: An Intel exec has confirmed that its new Ivy Bridge processors will be delayed approximately 8 to 10 weeks due to manufacturing issues.


If you waiting to update your computer until Intel released its new Ivy Bridge processors, you may need to wait a little longer. An Intel exec has confirmed to the Financial Times that the new chips will be delayed due to manufacturing issues.

Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China, says that the April launch date for the first CPUs has been set back roughly 8-10 weeks thanks to adjusting to the new 22nm manufacturing process required for the chips. He now "thinks" the Ivy Bridge launch has been adjusted to June, still within the second quarter schedule that Intel has envisioned.

We've reached out to Intel to see if the company can provide any more details about the report and will update this post later today when we hear back.

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  • Prop Ur Gram mer

    "If you waiting"....???? Really?
  • Not concerned

    I am waiting for Ivy Bridge but I wasn't expecting to upgrade until about February/March 2013. By then my computer will be five years old and I can start shopping around, so this delay doesn't bother me too much.
  • Have hated INSMELL since that little snafu several years back(?).

    I remember that it had something to do with Windows and somehow either ratted you out or wouldn't let you install a program(?). Or some spin on that. Prior to that I didn't really care for them BUT after that it was "total unmitigated hatred" to the Nth degree. So if it takes like another say 8 to 10 years or so BFD!!!!! No loss for me, I prefer AMD! The ONLY way I'd even reconsider INSMELL again was if like chips from both sides and INSMELL was like 50 to 100 times faster! Until then it's AMD forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nanoseconds don't really matter, you wouldn't even notice it. Not to mention with AMD you get as much if not more for your money ergo costs less for just about equal chips.
    PLUS I don't have to put up with that annoying TV ad that one that goes "bump, bump, bump, bummmmmm!
    You know that annoying thingy at the end of the commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I hate INSMELL?? Just curious!
  • ZDNet should have a minimum age policy for posters.

    12 year olds should not even be registered in this forum, since they wouldn't be contributing anything of value to the discussions.
    • Minimum age

      Looks like 12 year olds know proper usage of the English grammatical structure better than some adults.
      • Okay, dude, two can play the same game...

        You first...

        Point to the grammatical errors in my comments, other than where some people believe that, the number 12 should be spelled rather than using the number to start a sentence.

        Now, in your case...

        The discussion is not about grammatical errors. It's about the contents of the poster above, and, you took it into a completely different direction with your grammar police non sequitur, which is an even more egregious sin in discussions.

        Now, you can't be for real with saying that, the poster above had better grammatical skills. You really have got to be kidding, or, you really don't know what the heck you're talking about.

        Now, time to put up!
    • ... Minimum Age.......

      If your directing that at Disgruntled M$ User. Be aware. If you add about 50 years to that you'd be pretty close. Are we a INSMELL shill?????
      By the way I still HATE INSMELL and I spelled it that way on PURPOSE! Why? Because they and their products STINK!!!!!!! Long live AMD!
  • No Pressure from PC OEMs...?

    That was the story the end of last year as to why Ivy Bridge was being delayed. It was supposed to be out Q4 - 2011, but because of the Sandy Bridge gaff when it was released, PC OEMs lost months selling those PCs. Now another delay? Maybe the big PC makers are saying sales are slow, which they are - give us more time to get rid of the Sandy Bridge PCs.
    • and old strategy

      Intel: look, we can manufacture XXnm chips, our rival AMD can't, haha!!
      AMD: Yes, we do need some more time...
      Intel: here will be are our new XXnm chips. Of course, our rival AMD can't do it!
      AMD: Like we said, that will take some time.
      Intel: we have little delays with our new XXnm chips, but as you know AMD can't even make them!
      AMD: Here, we figured out how to start making XXnm chips, these will be shortly available..
      Intel: of course, here are the XXnm chips. Just hold on few more months, before we manage to produce them, you know we are the best. wait for the bright future!
      AMD: Here are our XXnm chips, we finally managed.
      Intel: Here, we can make XX-1 nm chips. As you know, our rival AMD can't!
      Intel: Oh, and by the way, here, please sell these XXnm chips. Yes, we will have better next year! You know, our...

      By the way, wonder if Apple's MBP will come with an Ivy Bridge CPU this spring...