Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

Summary: Intel has confirmed that the first tablets based on its Oak Trail platform will be available starting in May.


Intel has confirmed that the first tablets based on its Oak Trail platform will be available starting in May. The timing was first reported by the site PC Advisor, but an Intel spokesperson confirmed it earlier today.

The company will most likely use Computex 2011, which starts May 31, to formally introduce Oak Trail and show off some of the first tablets. This would be appropriate since Intel first revealed Oak Trail--along with several other Atom-based products--at the same show last year.

The Oak Trail platform includes an Atom CPU, code-named Lincroft, and a supporting chipset known as Whitney Point. It is designed to support tablets running Windows 7, MeeGo and "Google's operating systems," which presumably refers to Android, but it does not sound like Oak Trail will support Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) out of the gate. Intel has not announced the name of the processor, but numerous sites have mentioned the Atom Z670 and several device makers including Fujitsu, Lenovo and Samsung have previously mentioned upcoming products using that chip.

The Oak Trail-based tablets will enter a market that is growing more crowded virtually by the day. Several companies including Asus, Dell and LG Electronics are set to follow Motorola and release Android 3.0 tablets this month (What's happened to Honeycomb?). RIM will also release the WiFi-only version of the PlayBook on April 19 and HP will roll out its first webOS-based TouchPad in June. All of these are hoping to ride the coattails of Apple's iPad 2. There's a lot of debate about whether or not that will work.

Microsoft has said it won't ship an operating system truly optimized for tablets until Windows 8 arrives most likely in late 2012, but Asus insists that there is real demand for Windows 7 slates. Others aren't so sure that just because people want iPads, they will buy tablets running other operating systems too.

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  • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

    Intel should specify if their support on Windows is for Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Starter. I think Windows 7 Starter is not good for business and home users which like to do heavy stuff on their computers, also, remember the iPad 2 supports GarageBand a productive application, so I think Intel's Oak Trail tablets should do the same, otherwise they'll just be consumption tablets which would probably won't have nice success as the iPad 2 is doing this year.
    Gabriel Hernandez
    • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

      @Gabriel Hernandez It's the same kernel, different UI. Intel doesn't really support a particular OS, They support an instruction set. An OS can either run on that instruction set or not. The chipset plays in to this as well.
      • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

        @DevGuy_z : I guess @Gabriel Hernandez question was more into the fact that Windows 7 Home Premium needs a decent GPU, which most (normal) Atom chip-sets don't have.

        Also, there's another twist. Windows 7 Starter does not support touch, which all tablets must have. With that said, a Windows 7 Starter slate is like a Chevy Volt without batteries.

        Also, it's gonna be interesting what price point will Microsoft set for the SKU Windows on this tablets.
  • Sales point: Oak Trail with Windows 7, free upgrade to Windows 8

    once the new OS becomes available.

    That could get many on board immediately who might have been waiting for Windows 8.
  • Vaporware, Vaporware, Vaporware

    How may tablets have been announced since iPad 1 that were going to carry Microsoft?

    How many are out on the market?

    Yeah, I trust this news..NOT.
    • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

      After CES2010 there were numerous articles with titles such as, "32 iPad killers coming soon". A quick review most, if not all, never made it to market.
      • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month

        Let's see what's out there right now -

        HP Slate - yes it exists
        Asus EEE Slate
        Exo PC
        Archos 9
        Motion Computing devices (several)

        Dell Inspiron Duo
        Lenovo S10-3t
        Asus EEBook
        HP TM2
        Lenovo ThinkPad X201
        Dell Latitude XT2

        Due in the next month:
        Samsung Slider
        Fujitsu Slate

        If you go beyond, there are plenty of Slates/Tablets available right now.
  • RE: Intel: First Oak Trail tablets coming next month


    Nice try. Convertibles/Tablets was certainly not what I have in mind when talking about tablets, but I accept that I could have been more specific. Of the "true" tablets, you mention 7 but 3 are not yet available. Of the other 4, are you certain that each was announced at or just after CES2010? Even so, your 4 is not many of 32 or more, so you hardly defeat my debate. Go back and re-read the articles. You will be surprised how many never even made it to market.