Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?

Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?

Summary: Intel's latest launch of mobile processors is yielding more laptop refreshes, such as a number of Lenovo ThinkPads. Last week, the Core i3 CPU suited up for the new ThinkPad T410i, T410si and T510i, and now Engadget is reporting that the ThinkPad X201T convertible tablet will be available with a Core i7 processor.


Intel's latest launch of mobile processors is yielding more laptop refreshes, such as a number of Lenovo ThinkPads. Last week, the Core i3 CPU suited up for the new ThinkPad T410i, T410si and T510i, and now Engadget is reporting that the ThinkPad X201T convertible tablet will be available with a Core i7 processor.

While the X201T appears already to be on sale in Australia, it's just hit the FCC here in the States. The new CPU in question is the dual-core Core i7-620LM, which is packed inside along with 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. A 12.1-inch LED-backlit touchscreen is a holdover from the X200T and is par for the course in terms of (most) tablet PC display sizes; a fingerprint scanner and 8-cell battery appear to be other standard features. Current pricing for the X200T configs ranges from roughly $1,500 to $1,750—the updated model with new CPU may command a premium on those prices, however. Needless to say, no release date has been announced yet.

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  • Well, at least it will be a REAL tablet, not a giant MP3 player

    • Real Tablet?

      I guess that means it won't be acceptable for those who want just a web surfing machine and giant MP3 player.
    • Cool!

      Bout time a consumer can get a mobile powerhouse without having to sacrifice battery life...it'll be really cool when these things come with solar panels!
  • Apple left the door open to an x86 tablet

    ... and that is Apple's weakness. If Viliv can make a little tablet last 5-6 hours using an Atom CPU, and you can load whatever software you want on it (Windows or Linux), why would anyone want an iPad and be tied to Apple's iTunes store?

    BTW... Viliv will be shipping Win 7 tablets next week.
    • Agreed

      Moreover, there's a shed load of tablets of one sort or another on their way from China. And there are a lot of people who want to buy them:-

      I have serious misgivings with regard to Apple?s heavy-handed deployment of DRM (digital restrictions management) in on its tablet devices. In a nutshell, Apple can:-

      * Decide what software you are allowed to use.
      * Delete any content it disapproves of.
      * Disable the device completely.

      My guess that within a twelvemonth we will see a massive range of generic tablets capable of running Windows or Linux. Personally I don't trust Apple or Microsoft with my data. Both corporations have an unenviable record of deploying intrusive digital restrictions management to protect their own corporate interests.

      FWIW, I will be looking to buy a one of the new generation generic pads sometime over the next 18 months, when the price is right - running some form of GNU/Linux and c/w 100% open source software of course.

      Translated into practical terms, that means a fraction of the the cost of an iPad, 100% freedom regarding what software I install, zero corporate spyware and infinite superiority in terms of privacy and security.

      Best wishes, G.
      • funny

        and you may need a pen for those tiny boxes you have to check while
        interacting with that desktop UI on your touchscreen tablet.
    • Sounds interesting...

      If you can really get that kind of battery life with moderate to heavy use, that would be great. Portable devices ideally need to be capable of working as long as we do without needing to be recharged. What we truly need is 10-12 hours of battery life if that can be achieved. I hate having to tote around a recharger. They add weight and cables and cords inevitably become entwined.

      Now can we keep these corporations out of court litigating over patents and driving costs up?
      • Now can we stop corporations litigating over patents & driving up costs?

        Buy unbranded, generic hardware, OS-free & DRM-free and run 100% open source software on it.

        Best wishes, G. :-)
    • the UI is better for touch

      How many of these devices will be multi-touch?
      It really is a gimmick, but if the gimmick
      makes it easier to use or more fun to use it
      has value.

      Windows7 doesn't do THAT great with touch, how
      well does it do with multi-touch? I don't know,
      but Windows is made to use with a mouse, they
      really need a whole new UI for touch. Linux is
      only on the cusp of multi-touch integration
      now, though I think they will beat Microsoft in
      this area for at least a few years I find most
      aspects of Linux feel half-baked unless there
      is a market for professional use.

      Weight. I'm sorry, but as cool as a powerhouse
      tablet is, weight is an issue for tablet form
      and function. A tablet should be able to be
      held in one hand for hours, so no heavier than
      your average fiction novel.

      Heat. Ever try and hold a laptop on your lap
      while you were doing some serious number
      crunching? It gets HOT! This can be curbed by
      more expensive silicon, but more expensive is
      well... more expensive.

      App base. No matter which way you cut it the
      app store consists 99.999% of apps that will
      run natively on the iPad with form and function
      being reviewed by Apple. And most of them only
      cost a few dollars. Microsoft and Linux have
      more CHOICE, but for many users thats not what
      they want.

      GPS, compass, accelerometer (it is missing a
      camera, but I imagine it will come out in a
      later model, though it will cost a couple
      hundred more, thats how apple does its thing.)
      These are things I doubt you will be able to
      find in PC type tablets for some time. Its the
      whole chicken and the egg issue. Who's gonna
      make one when no software uses it and whos
      gonna write the software when no device has
      one. Apple overcame this because they control
      the whole platform. Although I find it likely
      that Google COULD overcome this because they
      will release a bunch of free apps that use the
      neato GPS, compass, accelerometer and not have
      a closed system so further apps can be
      developed. Because chromeOS is linux based it
      will not be difficult to port software to other
      tablets running linux. In fact, maybe all you
      would have to do is put the right library set
      on your "computer" to run them. Which leaves
      Microsoft out in the cold... but somehow I
      think they will manage.

      Further more the compass accelerometer GPS
      combination makes for some crazy awesome new
      game possibilities (and apps like augmented
      reality... how long has it been that thats been
      promised?) In fact the ONLY reason I would buy
      an iPad is for the games... though I'm sure I
      would end up using it for other things.

      All that being said, as cool as some Apple
      products are, and as much as I like Steve Jobs
      (I have a soft spot for garage made
      billionaires) I feel the difference between
      Apple products and most others is like the
      difference between a pimped out golf cart and a
      bugatti veyron. Sure the golf cart might look
      nice and "it just works" it costs more than it
      should and doesn't always do what you want as
      fast as you want. But for some that isn't an
      issue... they just own both :-)
    • why want an iPad?

      maybe because having a desktop os with a mouse / keyboard UI doesn't
      make much sense on a multitouch device? maybe because that UI has
      been on tablets for about 8 years now and has totally failed in the
      marketplace? maybe that's why people may want to have an iPad with a
      totally different interaction paradigm.

      but maybe that's very hard for some people to comprehend.

      apple is sailing away again while the rest of the pc box assemblers are
      still in the port - adding ports.
  • RE: Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?

    It is going to have a core i7 and will be available in March. My IT
    department evaluated it for our tablet 1:1 program.
  • OS?

    Does it come with Windows 7 or Vista and a promise?
    • os

      Windows 7 and a big hug!
  • We need new words...

    I guess it takes the world awhile to settle down and come up with more words; the word 'tablet' simply applies to too many diverse gizmos.

    Anyone who has used a tablet PC like the Lenovo X60T (i've used my daily since 2007) with OneNote and ArtRage know what an incredible and useful device it is, but it is not a Kindle or an iPad.

    They do different things, have vastly different form factors, prices, and capabilities. To compare them is like saying my dog is better than your back porch.

    We need new words.
  • RE: Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?

    LOL windows 7 and a big promise
  • Deleted by author

    content removed by author
  • RE: Lenovo ThinkPad X201T tablet with Core i7 CPU coming soon?

    A lot of the Lenovo Thinkpads have (had?) accelerometers already. It's possible to use that as a joystick input. Not its intended purpose, of course - it parks the hard drive to prevent damage in a fall.
    • Sorry should have been reply to 2.3 (nt)

      Sorry should have been reply to 2.3 (nt)
  • Apple Freaks again.

    This was meant to be about the i7 being put into a REAL tablet yet the Apple freaks have brought the Max-i-Pad into it, really do you think there is any comparison? No real OS, no freedom from Apple (which has got to be the worst).

    I also read a post from someone thinking it has GPS!! The Max-i-Pad does not have GPS, it fakes it. Yes it has the apps store, great way to remove more money for really poor software on old and slow hardware (you could void your warranty if you install something Apple does not like), make sure you don't smoke and don't buy a 27" Apple monitor, lol.

    The Max-i-Pad is but a gizmo for the dull and ill educated, I have heard that this is for the Net virgin, made for the tech-less wonders of this world (just about as accurate as you can get from a Apple fanboy, Apple made for the less than able PC user). Lets face it if you need something that can only do one task at a time, cannot surf the net as it should be seen (NO FLASH!!!), has no Ram that has been mentioned, last of all using old tech with no means to use USB, cameras (without more money spent on addons, like keyboard and mouse, carry bag [will you even get a power supply with this?]), flash cards, external monitor, and to add insult to injury costs you more than a real device that can do all these things.

    I agree that it was a good idea but this is shoddy to say the least and pathetic when you look at what you can buy in the same niche market.

    Oh! just to quell this idea that there will be games running on the Max-i-Pad, let me say that again GAMES ON AN APPLE!!!, have you looked at the specs? do you really think you will get this thing doing anything more than a second rate job? It will not affect the kindle in the ebook market as it will be useless on a beach, as always a really nice shiny screen to brush your hair or have a shave but no good for using in direct light (still no choice for matte screens from Apple).

    The Max-i-Pad is going to get better I have no doubts, but would you be the test subject that buys this thing only to find out in the next 6 months Apple buckle under the stress and add all these things it should have now? Go on I dare you buy one, waste your money.

    I'll stick to Linux and a home built PC and Laptops (I hate finger prints on my monitor/screen anyway).

    Take care all.
    • I bet it'll play Asteroids... :)

      Love the post and I agree with you 100%

      Well, till I hit the home built laptop part. I can't do that myself... :)