Netbooks just want to be free

Netbooks just want to be free

Summary: At a trade show in Berlin, T-Mobile confirmed that it will sell an Asus Eee PC 901 netbook with built-in 3G. If the prices on these bundles come close to what's been rumored, they could start to catch on.


At a trade show in Berlin, T-Mobile confirmed that it will sell an Asus Eee PC 901 netbook with built-in 3G. If the prices on these bundles come close to what's been rumored, they could start to catch on.

In the UK, Asus already offers a free bundle that include an Eee PC 2GG and a USB modem with a two-year wireless broadband contract. Earlier this month, DigiTimes reported that both Asus and Acer were working on bundles with carriers in Europe and Japan. Though T-Mobile hasn't announced the pricing, DigiTimes said Eee PC bundles in Europe (T-Mobile and TNT) and Japan (NTT Docomo and E-Mobile) would cost less than $2. There's still no word on when we'll see these kinds of deals in the U.S.

In its press release (translation here), T-Mobile said it had worked with Asus to develop a utility that connects to the 3G network seconds after the system boots up. And it promised up to five hours of battery life when using the 3G modem.

Acer hasn't announced a bundle yet, but earlier this week the company cut prices on its netbook. The Aspire One is now $349 with Windows XP Home and $329 with Linux. HP is also offering $100 off some Mini-Note configurations; the lowest-priced configuration running Windows Vista now costs $600.

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  • I got my Lenovo S10 ordered!

    I think the Lenovo beats the Acer and Asus by offering a
    slightly bigger screen. I also question the effectiveness of a
    stripped down Linux? It may be alright for Email and light
    web surfing. But what about business applications? I would
    much rather have XP. As a stand alone product they all
    appear to do what they say.
    • Acer is easy to open.

      One sequence, there are YouTube videos for the very timid, you can enable the complete desktop. I think the configured (and simplified) Linux experience is good for the newbie. Heck, I would suggest the same approach for the XP version would do most non technical consumers well.

      It is interesting how the Linux version won't be available in the US though, only the XP version.

    • Its a netbook it doesn't have the CPU power for the advance software

      Regardless, a full XP doesn't fit well on a 20GB machine. You have to strip that down too. The only difference is Linux is designed to be stripped down or scaled up as the user desires.

      Eitherway I want a netbook that can run Kubuntu without wireless issues. I've heard that the Eee PC has wireless issues with the Linux install, although I imagine the 3G would work fine WiFi is still faster.
      • Eee PC with Linux

        I have an eeePC with Linux preinstalled and it does all the normal things I want including reliable WiFi connection. My only complaint is that I am not good at typing on the keyboard at speed so it slows down data entry. Incidentally it is the only computer I own which can cope with 4GB SDHC cards.
  • RE: Netbooks just want to be free

    I Have an Asus EEPC 701 (since December 07) and it is fantastic, connects anywhere where there is a WIFI hotspot, fits into my normal work bag (no need for a seperate lap top bag) and I have found the Linux operating system to be far more stable than Windows. The pre-installed media player has played every video format thrown at it (windows won't) and you can all my work files and 4 full length movies onto a 8GB SDHC card which makes this an ideal travel companion. OpenOffice software is also the biz - documents can be e-mailed directly in PDF format from the application - makes MS-Office redundent.
  • RE: Netbooks just want to be free

    I love these things, if I had a desktop I would get one... but unfortunately a bizare string of events which are unreasonable to detail here parted out my PC in my absence of a couple months. I'm going for a mid-high end laptop/tablet pc.