Sony VAIO TT Blu-ray ultraportable reviewed

Sony VAIO TT Blu-ray ultraportable reviewed

Summary: Turns out you can build a pretty good laptop for more than four grand. LaptopMag.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

Sony VAIO TT Blu-ray ultraportable reviewedTurns out you can build a pretty good laptop for more than four grand. has the first full review of the new Sony TT series ultraportable, and it doesn't disappoint. The latest low-voltage Core 2 Duo processor, a Blu-ray drive, dual 128GB SSDs and six-hour-plus battery life in a 2.8-pound package adds up to an Editors' Choice for the high-end VAIO VGN-TT198UBX.

Curiously though, the VGN-TT198UBX only gets 4 out of 5 stars, in part because of the price, but also notes that "watching Blu-ray movies on a n 11.1-inch display isn't very enticing," performance on benchmarks was only average, and the integrated Intel graphics was "predictably weak" on 3D gaming tests. As the review states, you can get a version of the TT series without the Blu-ray drive and SSDs starting at $2,095, but you'll also have to settle for a slower processor and less memory.

"In general, though, we prefer the Sony VAIO Z series, because it's only about half a pound heavier while offering discrete graphics and a larger screen and keyboard," concludes.'s Crave blog has also posted its first impressions of the VGN-TT198UBX.

Hands-on coverage of the  Sony VAIO VGN-TT198UBX

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Why on earth

    would you put a blu-ray player in an ultraportable?

    Unless all your home movies are on blu-ray, I suppose.
  • It's a Sony? Not interested.

    Blu-ray? Not interested. Sony service and support? Not interested. Sony gold-plated prices on tin-plated hardware? Not interested.

    I honestly don't know how Sony stays in the PC business, everyone I know who tried their systems hated them.
    terry flores
  • RE: Sony VAIO TT Blu-ray ultraportable reviewed

    Why can't someone make a 12 inch 2 1/2 LB quality machine for under $1000. It would sell like hot cakes.
  • RE: Sony VAIO TT Blu-ray ultraportable reviewed

    Where's the OLED display? Did I miss something? Isn't 11" the
    default OLED size?
  • RE: 6 months = haft off

    Why not wait 6 months and get everything %50 off.
    Every year new stuff comes out at killer prices and 6
    month later you see it listed new for haft off what
    you paid. $4000 for a computer?!? Thats crazy for
    this time in the market....