My hour in the Nimble platinum mine with Jon Ferrara

My hour in the Nimble platinum mine with Jon Ferrara

Summary: Introduce yourself to the next generation of CRM with Nimble, The Social CRM.


In the Land of Tech Giants, few tower over those who create entire industries and blaze the trails for others to follow. These giants coin new terms, build new platforms, develop new products and meet new needs centering around doing old things in a new way. One such giant is Jon Ferrara, CEO and co-founder of Nimble, the Social CRM.

You might remember Jon's name from his original tech venture, GoldMine.

Jon hasn't ventured far from his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) roots with Nimble, but there's a significant difference between Nimble and all other CRMs on the market. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it's web-based but that's not what makes it different. There are other web-based CRMs.

Yes, it includes Sales Automation but that's not the difference.

Yes, it integrates Email but that doesn't make it unique either.

What makes Nimble different is that it is an all-inclusive workspace. It integrates your email, your CRM, your Sales Deals, your Contacts and your Social Media connections into a single application. Now, you can turn your connections into customers--customers that you'll have for life.

I'm sold on Nimble as an integrated, unified communications portal. But, it isn't Nimble's revolutionary features or its leading-edge technology that sold me. What sold me on Nimble was Jon  Ferrara.

Jon's passion, energy and deep knowledge of CRM had a lot to do with it. But, more than that is his understanding of people. Jon understands people. He knows people. He 'gets' the human condition. One writer calls him a genius.

Jon Ferrara is the kind of person who inspires others and I'm glad he uses his power for good. He has that Carnegiean and Ziglarian charisma that is unquantifiable and yet is so contagious. After speaking with him for an hour, I felt as if I too could revolutionize an industry.

And, revolutionize an industry is exactly what Jon Ferrara is about to do with Nimble. He calls it a Social CRM because of its strong connection with social media--your connections.

There's one thing Jon knows too. People haven't changed. Technology has changed. People buy from people they know. People buy from people they like. Your best advertisement is still word of mouth. Your connections are your network, your associates, your friends and your customers. Selling is all about relationship building.

Nimble allows you to collect all of your relationships into one place. It's your Rolodex, your sales sheet, your briefcase and your sample kit all rolled up into a nice web-based, social media-connected ball.

I wish Jon and his crew much success with his new venture but he doesn't really need my endorsement. This is a man who built a "gold mine" and now heads for platinum in them thar Internet hills. I hope at some point that you have an opportunity to hear him speak. He's found his niche as an entrepreneur and as a visionary but, in my humble opinion, his real calling is in people. He could easily have another career speaking to crowds about how to deal with people.

Take all the marketing courses and all the self-help mumbo jumbo that you can stuff into your head, and then, when you want a real education, call Jon Ferrara. It was the best 59 minutes and 32 seconds I ever spent.

Check out Nimble for yourself and see where it takes you. And, remember that you have a guy like Jon Ferrara behind you.

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Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • Ferrara's other strength is intuition

    "Jon???s passion, energy and deep knowledge of CRM had a lot to do with it. But, more than that is his understanding of people. Jon understands people. He knows people. He ???gets??? the human condition. One writer calls him a genius."

    I'd add an intuitive sense of what people want. Almost 'Jobsian' in his quest to make the jobs of sales/marketing people better.
  • Nimble socialCRM reflects Jon Ferrara

    I will never forget the first time I met Jon Ferrara. We were scheduled to go on a 30 minute walk in Santa Monica. Three hours later we were still sitting there talking about Jon's vision for bringing Relationships back into CRM. The R in CRM is supposed to be for Relationship, but that got lost with rigid big company software apps.

    Nimble is socialCRM giving you a 360 view of everything your customers and prospects are saying. Nimble gives you the opportunity to engage your prospects in context, more social, and less pressure sales.

    That 30 minute walk didn't happen that day. After 3 hours of intense inspiration we scheduled it for another day. By the way, I was so impressed I invested my own money in Nimble when Jon was ready to take on some Angel money. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and star of Shark Tank, invested too, so I feel pretty confident in Nimble.

    Don Dodge
  • Jon Ferrara is all that you say

    I look forward as a Nimble Partner in Tampa Bay to meeting him too! He comes across in the manner you describe even on a webinar!!
  • Authenticity is everything.

    I originally fell in love with what Nimble promised, and then what it delivered. Now, having had a few of these amazing, sacred conversations with Jon, myself, I have to say, it makes me fall in love with the community I know will grow around his vision. It's the right product at the right time, not only for business but for any type of social organization. I am proud to be Nimble's first nonprofit partner, and look forward to helping Jon and his team build meaningful relationships between people for years to come.
  • I am Touched, Humbled and Inspired by the Nimble Community


    Thank you for believing in and supporting our Nimble dream of empowering business people and companies to create and maintain better relationships with the constituencies they do business with.


    Jon Ferrara
    CEO | Nimble - Social Business, Made Easy.
  • My interview with Jon

    Thanks for this article. For your readers who would like to hear more from Jon, here's a half-hour long interview with him on my blog...