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In addition to being the author of the best-selling "CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers," Paul Greenberg is President of The 56 Group, LLC.

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The Open Cloud Manifesto: Whats Up With That?

This morning, to a lot of pre-launch buzz, the Open Cloud Manifesto (OCM), spearheaded by IBM, launched officially, much to no one's surprise. The idea behind the OCM is that there exist a body consisting of many companies - and in the future, many, many companies, that would semi-formally agree to interoperability between cloud computing competing "clouds.

March 29, 2009 by


Oracle CRM - Innovation Free or Innovative?

"Innovation is in the eye of the beholder" - No one that I know said it, 2009Dennis Howlett, a friend, fellow ZDNET blogger and a man with serious enterprise applications chops, did a blog posting on Oracle and innovation a couple of days ago that I need to do a short response to with this blog posting of my own.

February 25, 2009 by