Microsoft and HP launch a series of datacenter appliances

Microsoft and HP launch a series of datacenter appliances

Summary: Turnkey, scalable datacenter appliances offer building blocks for quick implementation and fast business reaction times.


The partnership between HP and Microsoft to develop new appliances for the datacenter came to fruition with the introduction of the first of four appliances based on HP hardware and Microsoft software.  The first appliance to ship will be the HP Business Decision Appliance which is available today.

This BI device combines Microsoft's Windows Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint in a single box designed to be up and running in less than an hour. Focused on the analysis and decision making processes that define a business intelligence solution, this first appliance will allow for a rapid implementation of BI systems throughout an organization, with a standardized set of applications and hardware.

Due to be released within the next 6 weeks is the second appliance from this collaboration, the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. This appliance uses the latest in Microsoft messaging software on new HP hardware with support for significant DASD capacity, allowing a plug and play email solution to be deployed in your datacenters. The appliance includes the fully redundant hardware and support for database availability groups that allows Exchange Server 2010 to continuously replicate data and support a highly reliable and available email installation. The appliance will be sold in pre-sized versions starting with a 500 mailbox unit and growing to 3000 mailboxes, with the ability to span across multiple appliances for larger environments.

The remaining two appliances scheduled for 2011 are, like the Business Intelligence appliance, based on Microsoft SQL Server, and are the HP Database Consolidation appliance and the Business Data Warehouse appliance. Actual release dates are not yet announced for these devices.

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  • Any Azure applicance in this list ?

    Just wondering any Azure applicance is in the cards of HP/MS list.

    Als, I hope similar appliances will be released by other OEM's like Dell, etc.
    • RE: Microsoft and HP launch a series of datacenter appliances

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  • Sounds great!

    P. Douglas
  • RE: Microsoft and HP launch a series of datacenter appliances

    Any additional links, information or a more formalized statement around this? Can't find any other information other than this news release.