Verne Global signs major client for Iceland

Verne Global signs major client for Iceland

Summary: An announcement of the signing of a major customer raises a few questions


Datacenter operator Verne Global has announced the signing of major client for their Icelandic datacenter operation. Citing the datacenters 100% renewable power sources, their new client Colt's Executive Vice President  stated that they selected this facility for, among other reasons, "As the market continues to evolve, finding innovative methods to reduce the cost and environmental impact of the data center industry is of tremendous importance and we believe that Verne Global offers a compelling value proposition to Colt and our customers."

While it's great news that a major player has stepped up to take advantage of the environmentally efficient, minimal energy footprint datacenter, it's kind of a circular relationship; Verne Global's datacenter modules are produced by Colt, the company that will now be hosting its services on those same modules.

The entire Icelandic datacenter initiative seems like a good idea, yet major players still seem gun-shy of making use of the relatively inexpensive and oh-so-environmentally correct power and cooling. Let's hope that the next announcement we see is from an unrelated business making Iceland their datacenter home.

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  • I love the cooling technology

    I just love the cooling technology: "Just leave the windows open."

    Actually, Alaska and Siberia should look into that (and, no, I'm not joking.)
  • Iceland is a great idea... except that...

    The Icelandic Datacenter Industry is a great idea. 100% air side economization for cooling cost reduction, cheap and renewable energy and an intelligent and educated workforce make it ready to launch. It's almost all there. The only thing missing is cheap network access.