Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended ramp up speed and features

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended ramp up speed and features

Summary: Adobe updates its flagship photo editing suite with improved performance, a new user interface, and powerful new features.


(Adobe Photoshop CS6 screenshot courtesy of Adobe Systems.)

(Adobe Photoshop CS6 screenshot courtesy of Adobe Systems.)

After last month's public beta of Adobe Photoshop CS6, the latest version of Adobe's flagship photo-editing behemoth announced today doesn't really hold any big surprises. As with the rest of the applications included in the new Adobe Creative Suite 6, Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended can be purchased as standalone applications ($699 and $999 respectively), as part of the various CS6 bundles, or as part of Adobe's new Creative Cloud subscription service.  With such a big beta program, the application has been previewed and new features have already been much discussed, so without further ado, here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

The most noticeable changes up front are the completely overhauled (and much improved) user interface, that defaults to a dark gray (like Adobe Lightroom) but can be customized and sports all new redesigned icons. Overall performance has been drastically improved through hardware acceleration (changes and effects are immediately applied and appear without delay in real time), there's better raw image processing, and there is a slew of new and improved features, including:

New Crop Tool: The completely overhauled and much more intuitive crop tool is my personal favorite improvement. Firstly, when you select the crop tool, your whole image is selected (duh!). Various presets and overlays let you crop images more easily and precisely and best of all, the tool is non-destructive, so you don't have to start all over if you change your mind.

Content-aware Move and Patch: These new features are based on the magical content-aware technology Adobe debuted in CS4. Content-aware Patch, adds the technology to the patch tool and allows you use content-aware algorithms while patching (using content-aware fill as you patch your image). Content-aware Move allows you to select an object in your image and move it within your image easily and seamlessly by using content-aware fill to fill in the area that you've moved the object from as well as fix up the pixels around the object in its new location.

Blur Gallery: This new group of blur filters allows you to add various blurring effects, including Iris Blur (which gives you a shallow depth of field effect, even if your camera lens can't produce one—think iPhone shots), Tilt-Shift (which gives you a Lensbaby-like tilt-shift effect), and Field Blur (which gives you a graduated blur).

Improved auto-correction tools: Auto Curves, Levels, and Brightness/Contrast controls have been improved significantly. Rather than simply picking a handful of points and make auto adjustments based on those as in previous versions, this version dynamically creates auto adjustments based on your image, by comparing your image to histograms in a library of hundreds of thousands of images.

Adaptive Wide-Angle: This feature lets you quickly and easily straighten curved objects and areas in images, such as those shot with a fish-eye or wide-angle lens, or panoramic shots.

Skin-tone-aware selections and masking: These features make it easier for you to make precise selections and masks of people in images by detecting skin-tones.

Improved video editing tools: The other big change is that video editing features are now included in the standard edition, rather than only the Extended version of Photoshop (which now mainly includes the addition of 3D tools).  You can now use the full range of Photoshop image-editing tools (including the new Blur Gallery effects, for instance) to enhance video clips.

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  • Highway Robbery

    Adobe doesn't get it. Their products are so prohibitively expensive, only a tiny fraction of their potential market is realized. The basic feature set was DONE at CS2. Everything since then has been window dressing. Adobe's market is shrinking, but they are in constant denial. They should learn to have more confidence in their products and stop trying to prove themselves to the world.
    • Paying for pirates to coast free

      Those who can afford to unfortunately are subsidizing hundreds of millions of pirates. That's just the way of the world. Call it enforced software redistribution.
      • I disagree entirely!

        Yes, by definition many people are pirating photoshop and it's illegal, but those paying for it are not pay more because of it. There is no money lost! There is no marginal cost and 99% of the people who pirate it would not buy it if they couldn't find a way to pirate it. In fact its likely that the piracy INCREASES their sales. I for one learned photoshop on a pirated copy of CS3 back in the day and it has got me a couple gigs. Were I to put a little effort into it I could find justifiable cause to purchase it. If you want to purchase photoshop, you can do so for significantly less, CS3 goes for less than $40 still in package. I primarily use a hand-me-down copy of CS3 for the little work I do. Software development cost money people, and they have a fairly limited market demographic, its simple economics. If your not part of their market share, pirate it until you BECOME part of their market demographic so you can give them more money to make it better.
  • #2 on our $#!t list

    I just love installing Adobe products. It takes forever to install them, and then another forever to update them.
    • Almost

      You mean another forever to be able to come up with the cash to update them!!
  • there is no such thing as magic

    Professionalism in articles and marketing keep on plummeting... followed by articles professing how dumb people have become...
    • Huh?

      Huh?????? Are you sure you posted this on the correct comment thread? Maybe you should tell us exactly what you objected to in the article instead of just generalizing.
  • How about PS Elements

    Has the low priced version (Elements) also been updated?
  • Pirates! Pirates! I think Adobe needs to look in the mirror!

    After paying over $500.00 per copy to upgrade Master Suite 5.0 to 5.5 in late February now Adobe wants an additional $525.00 per copy for 6.0. It is obvious that all Adobe cares about is "CASH in their pockets". The upgrade to 5.5 was not even worth half of what they charge and I doubt 6.0 is much different. Yes I know the media hype makes out that everything Adobe does is the next great slice of bread but who can afford to eat at their table! At the prices Adobe charges they need a reality check.
  • adobe call piracy , piracy are honest than adobe

    adobe ??? must go down so undestand many thing but in next years they will go down , the world have no moneys so ... the end
  • Found a place to buy Photoshop CS6 Extended at a great low price

    Like many others was getting tired of paying high prices for PHOTOSHOP and other Adobe software. I bought Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended with Lightroom 4 for only $175.00 at:
  • Photoshop CS6 Extended

    I check the upgrade price for photoshop CS6 extended, 399.00 and that's a upgrade from CS5. What are they thinking, OH it must be the ROA on the backs of loyal Adobe customers. Looking for another company to do business with good bye Adobe.
  • Electronics

    Adobe software are always useful. online electronics shopping