Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

Summary: Canon updates its G series high-end compact digital cameras with the new PowerShot G12, adding 720p HD recording capability to last year's top-rated G11.

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While there's nothing earth-shattering about Canon's latest high-end compact shooter, the new PowerShot G12 announced today, it's an incremental update to last year's excellent G11 and continues in the G series tradition of delivering enthusiast-level photo capabilities in a relatively compact camera.Apparently Canon has learned something from its stumble with the G10 and hasn't messed with the G11's success. The new G12 retains most of the G11's features and design, including the 2.8-inch, 461,000-dot articulating LCD, the 10-megapixel CCD sensor, and the 28-140mm equivalent (f/2.8-4.5) 5x zoom lens. The most obvious update is in the G12's improved video capabilities: In addition to 720p HD video recording at 24 fps) with stereo sound, there's an integrated HDMI port and some nice special effects, such as Miniature Effect, which uses selective focus combined with slower frame rates for a tilt-shift and time-lapse effect.

While most of the body design and controls are similar to the G11, the G12 adds a new front dial for easy access to manual controls--something dSLR shooters will appreciate. Other updates include a new optional lens filter adapter, additional support for SDXC memory card formats, an updated image stabilization system, and a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) scene mode borrowed from the PowerShot S95, which allows you to take three images shot at different exposures (requiring a tripod) and combines them (in-camera) into a single image with greater dynamic range.

Of course, the G12 is entering a more competitive market than the G11 did a year ago, with new high-end compacts such as Canon's own S95 in the mix, as well as Panasonic's recently announced Lumix DMC-LX5 and Nikon's new Coolpix P7000.

Look for the G12 to ship in early October for $500.

Topic: Hardware

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  • RE: Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

    Out of curiosity: you mention Canon's "stumble with the G10." Could you explain? I own a G10 and have been delighted with its capabilities and picture quality (I take everything in maximum quality 16:9, and view my photo collection on a 40" LCD HDTV, they look super and support quite a bit of zooming in, even on the big screen). Macro setting photos of flowers and small wildlife have been stunning. Not, of course, that there isn't always room for improvement, but Canon has an excellent product in this series . . .
    • RE: Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

      The "stumble" was the larger megapixel count. Better image quality in the smaller megapixel count of the G11 and G12. I have the G10 too and never really noticed the quality issue, but I wasn't using high ISO either.
    • RE: Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

      While the G10 is indeed an excellent camera, I was basically referring to the somewhat questionable decision to bump its resolution up to 14.7 megapixels. Cramming more megapixels on a same-size sensor arguably detracted from the camera's low-light image quality (and affected overall shot-to-shot performance), opening it up to stiff competition from the Panasonic LX3, which stuck to 10 megapixels and was able to best the G10 in both areas. Canon smartly dropped resolution back down to 10 megapixels with the G11 (and now the G12). But having said all that, the G10 is still a great camera, especially at base ISO settings, so I'm not surprised to hear you've been happy with it. Hope that clarifies my comment.
      Janice Chen
  • I think another "stumble" is the price.

    The G10 was pricey, but sort-of understandable. With the G11 and now the G12, Canon seem to be charging inexplicably high prices. Anyone who doesn't like being gouged will say No.
    • Actually not

      @peter_erskine@... Actually not. They are worth their salt. I have a G11 and it does extremely well in low light/ high ISO situations. The Powershot G line is the closest point n shoot you can get to a dSLR.
  • RE: Canon adds 720p HD video to new PowerShot G12 high-end compact

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