Olympus E-620 vs. Canon Rebel XSi

Olympus E-620 vs. Canon Rebel XSi

Summary: The newly announced Olympus E-620, slips into the company's consumer dSLR line between the $599.99 E-520 and the $1,299.99 E-30, filling in a gap that pits it directly against the popular Canon Rebel XSi.

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[Updated: February 27, 2009 @ 1:17 pm] The newly announced Olympus E-620, slips into the company's consumer dSLR line between the $599.99 E-520 and the $1,299.99 E-30, filling in a gap that pits it directly against the popular Canon Rebel XSi. The E-620 out-specs the year-old Rebel XSi with its sensor-shift image stabilization, built-in wireless flash controller, greater sensitivity range, and a fully articulated (though slightly smaller) LCD, but has only seven autofocus points (vs. the Canon's nine). Add to that some of the interesting special-effects "Art Filters" that Olympus introduced in the E-30 (e.g., Warhol-esque pop art, grainy high-contrast black and white film, and a pinhole camera effect among others), in a package that's closer in size to the very compact E-420 than the E-520, and you've got a pretty interesting package that should give the XSi a run for its money.

A quick comparison of the specs:

Olympus E-620 Canon EOS Rebel XSi
Price $799.99 (with 14-42mm lens) $799.99 (with 18-55mm lens)
Sensor 12.3 megapixels, 17.3x13mm Live MOS 12.2 megapixels, 14.8x22.2mm CMOS
Continuous Shooting Speed 4 fps 3.5 fps
LCD 2.7-inch, 230,000 pixels (articulated) 3-inch, 230,000 pixels (fixed)
Autofocus 7-point 9-point
Sensitivity ISO 100-3200 ISO 100-1600
Live View Yes Yes
Storage Media Compact Flash Type I/II (UDMA), Microdrive, xD-Picture Card SD memory card, SDHC memory card
Image Stabilization Sensor-shift Optical (in lens)
Dimensions 5.11x3.7x2.36 inches 5.1x3.8x2.4 inches
Weight (body) 16.6 oz 16.8 oz
[Table updated to reflect XSi's in-lens optical image stabilization.]

DPReview has a good hands-on preview of the E-620 (pre-production) here, including a specs comparison with the E-520 and E-30.

Topics: Processors, Hardware

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  • Gimme that Olympus

    Okay.....I am biased, I'll admit it. I own an Olympus C8080 camera on which I do all my research work photography and an Olympus CX40 microscope with plan-apo lenses (each one cost around the $A3000 mark about 10 years ago)........ but there is one thing which I give Olympus always: very accurate colour rendition, and for the work I do, that is essential. But yes, I'd love to own that Olympus camera.
  • RE: Olympus E-630 vs. Canon Rebel XSi

    Sorry to point out a typo, but the Olympus DSLR is called the E-620, not the E-630.
  • RE: Olympus E-630 vs. Canon Rebel XSi

    That typo has been fixed in the story. And don't be sorry. We appreciate the note! :-)
    --David Grober, ZDNet
    David Grober
  • Mea culpa

    Yes, that was my (big, fat) mistake! Thanks very much for the heads up.

    Janice Chen
  • Image stabilization on the Rebel XSi

    To say that the Rebel XSi has no image stabilization is very misleading. While it is true that the camera body itself does not do stabilization, Canon does all their image stabilization in the lenses, making it an option on a per-lens basis. Given the specs listed in the comparison chart, the 18-55mm IS lens that is included with the camera DOES have an image stabilizer, so a "No" answer to image stabilization is an outright lie.
    • Image stabilization on the Rebel XSi

      Good point. I updated the chart to reflect OIS in the kit lens.

      Janice Chen
  • I'll keep my Cann XSi

    Yes, I've owned Canon cameras from the Canon A1 to the A2E and now XSi. The Canon has been a rock solid performer I manually WB and get very good color rendition. The user customization give a lot of flexibility. I would like a greater sensitivity range, guess I could trade up in Canon. OIS on a per lens basis gives the user the option to spend the extra money. My first digital camera was the Sony 707. I spent more for it than I did for this DSLR.
  • RE: Olympus E-620 vs. Canon Rebel XSi

    My Fujifilm Finepix S2000 HD takes pic's as good, and I have enought money lefted over, to take a trip to take some.
  • I'd go on olympus

    I have an E420 and is OK, looks very cool, is preti well build, tough and light, just the regular entry-level Olympus DSLR, but folks, I'm going with Olympus, cause paying to much money to umflated brands like canon doesn't make sense. in a DSLR, the lenses count as much or even more than the body. the body you will change but the lenses are the pivot point here ! so, find that Zuiko Digital lenses beat the crap out of canon's in terms of size, quality and value for the money. going to professional level, you will buy lenses that are more expensive than the camera itself, so you should think better, if you prefer to carry a smaller camera or one twice it's size, for the same quality. and if megapixels are everything for you just think that currently Leica is building a camera of 37 megapixels with 4/3 mount. yes, if you are a megalomaniac full of money you can buy that and stick your Zuiko Digital lenses onto it with no problem. but don't get so impressed by megapixels cause they will only go up. look at the whole picture and from what is shown, Olympus with it's superior, lighter optics is a winner here. also you can fit zd 4/3 lenses on Leica or Panasonic Lumix DSLR's and the other way around, Leica/Lumix or Sigma 4/3 lenses on Olympus DSLR.
    So, think about it.
  • My second Olympus!

    Olympus for me! I loved my E-500, but it was stolen. Now I'm learning to love the E-620 but I seriously need a BOOK to help me learn this camera. The MANUAL is not helpful; of course it's all technical but nothing about technique or real life use of the camera.

    Does anyone have a suggestion about a book? I've Googled it and checked Amazon and there seems to be nothing, to my surprise.

    • Help!

      I just bought the E-620, and currently having the same trouble trying to find a book to help me understand my new camera. All I find are books on nikon and cannon. If you found anything please let me know. Thanks