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Responding to Dana's views on federated identity

Blog note: This is a guest column that comes to us from Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity corporation. I read with frustration a recent article posted by Dana Blankenhorn titled “Too late for federated identity

September 1, 2006 by Eric Norlin


Identity substitutes, tokens and proxies

When authentication is required, it is often easier (and creates a better user experience) to authenticate something other than the identity itself. This is so common, in fact, that it can take some thought to realize when an authentication verifies an identity and when it verifies something else entirely...

August 31, 2006 by Phil Becker


Identity's big tent

With Digital ID World only three weeks away, Eric takes a moment to explain a bit of what's going on...

August 23, 2006 by Eric Norlin


Anonymity and identity

In the very near wake of a foiled terrorist plot, I find myself waking up, planning to write about the topic of anonymity and identity.

August 9, 2006 by Eric Norlin


John Cougar Mellencamp on NAC

Much is being made of a presentation at Black Hat by Ofir Arkin of Insightix. In that session, Arkin "raised questions" about the ability of Network Access Control technologies to do what they say they can do.

August 2, 2006 by Eric Norlin


Knock, knock -- who's there?

Joris Evers has an article over on CNET about the "security risks" of Web 2.0. These days, whenever I read the words "security risks" I dig a little deeper to see if people actually mean "identity problem." As it turns out, most of the time they do.

July 27, 2006 by Eric Norlin


The identity silo paradox

My recent post on Google's identity silo was part of a hailstorm (pun intended) of comments that occurred on the email list over at the Identity Gang. All of those fast-flying emails unveiled what I'm now calling the "identity silo paradox."

July 26, 2006 by Eric Norlin

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