DIY-IT Project Guide

DIY-IT Project Guide

Summary: This is the comprehensive guide to the DIY-IT projects. If you're working on a DIY project of your own, this is a good place to start.


Here's a list of the projects we're working on. Feel free to check any of them out.

E-book publishing

These articles are about how to get your book accepted by Apple's iBooks system. We're also working on some Kindle projects, so stay tuned.

iTunes won't let you publish books if you write software
Apple today finally opened up the iBooks store for smaller publishers. And I hit a snag.

Apple today finally opened up the iBooks store for smaller publishers. And I hit a snag
Part II in the continuing iBooks saga, where we try to submit a book to the iTunes store — and fail.

Six tips for getting Apple's iBooks to accept your ePub file
I got the iTunes store to accept my ePub file. This article will explain in detail what I tried and what I learned.

How to convert your book from InDesign to Kindle in 10 minutes or less
End-to-end, I was able to go from InDesign document to Kindle document live and running on my Kindle in six minutes.

The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a little … odd
While it’s nice to be able to “borrow” books on the Kindle, our impressions are that the service is a little early for prime time, and — frankly — a little odd.

Review: My Amazon Kindle Single publishing experiment (by Larry Dignan)
Amazon launched its Kindle Single store and ZDNet's Editor in Chief Larry Dignan decided to conduct an experiment in self-book publishing. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

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  • Some tangential directions to go

    I'm an ---intrigued--- Linux user.

    1) How about a paragraph or two on experiences with Linux SMS apps (since the Mac is UNIX like).

    2) Have you tried faxing from your MFP using google voice?