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Boosting Enterprise Content Management Adoption Tip #1

It's a sad fact that enterprise content management just doesn't get enough love. Implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is one thing, but getting people to use it is another thing entirely. It's our job, as ECM advocates, to alleviate the culture shock our decidedly less sophisticated staff may experience upon encountering this new approach to work.

August 4, 2009 by Doc


Document Management Excuse #5. It's good for staff to be busy.

A busy staff is good, but your staff should be busy being productive, not busy trying to be productive. You don’t want employees spending two hours looking for that one document to get a 30-minute job done, just as much as you probably don’t want them hard at work browsing YouTube videos of fluffy white bunnies.

July 21, 2009 by Doc


DMS Excuse #4. Green/schmeen

I’m pleased to present to you number four in the Top 10 Excuses for Not Considering Document Management This Year series. Take a look at this video to see how document management can save trees, time, and money:While we’re on green territory, here are the Top 6 Reasons for Going Green with ECM according to AIIM:1.

July 19, 2009 by Doc


The Document Management Systems Phenomenon

ome of you may be wondering why I'm so cuckoo for document management. Corey Smith, a kindred spirit, recently wrote about Why Document Management Growth is Exploding. He points to several trends that have been fueling the growth of Electronic Document Management Systems.

July 14, 2009 by Doc