Just for the record

Just for the record

Summary: in case you read the Crain's piece saying I was an early investor in Google....

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This was a flattering piece in Crain's New York (subscription only) about the New York Angels, including me, but it said that I had been an early investor in Google.  In fact, I had early stock, but through Kleiner Perkins and Angel Investors.  I  wish I had been that smart, but I'd prefer to correct the record.  Here's what I wrote to the reporter:

"Thanks for the wonderful story! 

"However, as I made clear [in an e-mail to which you replied],  I did not invest in Google directly.  It was probably an editor's attempt to make things short and punchy, but it ended up being inaccurate.  

"It's not a big deal, but I would very much appreciate a brief correction of the facts,  making it clear that I did not mislead you. Thank you!" 

Topic: Google

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