Interview: Evernote VP talks about Evernote in schools, Skitch, and more

Interview: Evernote VP talks about Evernote in schools, Skitch, and more

Summary: I'd be lost without Evernote and I'm hardly the only one. Check out this interview with Evernote VP John McGeachie.


I had the opportunity to interview John McGeachie, VP of group accounts for Evernote, late last month with Kirsten Winkler. Although the interview focused primarily on educational uses of Evernote, we talked about Skitch, the sustainability of their business model, and their recent round of funding. Personally, I'd be lost without Evernote. That, as we found out in the interview, is sort of the idea.

Topic: Social Enterprise

Christopher Dawson

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Chris Dawson is a freelance writer, consultant, and policy advocate with 20 years of experience in education, technology, and the intersection of the two.

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  • I really do not see the problem that this solution solves

    I really have had a hard time seeing what problem that this web site solves. Keeping information on someone's servers is a very bad idea. I previously used Microsoft OneNote since 2003 for keeping all my notes in classes and meetings. In the last year, I have started using my iPad as my primary computer to replace my notebook computer. This has been great and I have started using Pages to take my notes in class and I like this method much better than using OneNote. The issue with using Microsoft OneNote is that all of my notes were separated from all of the other items from the classes. By using a more standard word processing program, is that it allows me to keep the notes with the other files for the class. Also the greatest advantage of OneNote was that it automatically saved. With iOS this is already taken care of therefore Pages works better for taking notes.
    I have seen people using Evernote, but I do not see how this would benefit anything. Web pages are a horrible interface to replace applications and therefore would not be a good interface for taking notes. Also considering this does not have any long term usage, this is something that I would never use.
    The end result is, I do not see where this solution solves a problem.