More video for you: Ed News Ticker and the money game in education

More video for you: Ed News Ticker and the money game in education

Summary: Video from my new bi-weekly wrapup of interesting ed tech stories with Kirsten Winkler

TOPICS: Start-Ups

So while I'm in a video cross-posting mood, I wanted to share the latest episode of my new bi-weekly ed tech wrapup show that I record over on Edukwest with Kirsten Winkler. There are some great stories here from Wednesday's episode worth further reading (this new show, called Ed News Ticker, is basically a newsreel - we leave it to you to dig in further or just take the Cliff's Notes):

And while you're at it, check out our discussion of the big money that is beginning to flow in ed tech. About $110 million in seed and venture capital funding hit education startups this month. It isn't $1 billion for Instagram, but in this vertical, it wouldn't be a stretch to call this something of a bubble:

Topic: Start-Ups

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