My new weekly show for K12 educators

My new weekly show for K12 educators

Summary: More webcasts for you!


As most of you know, I've been co-hosting the weekly review:ed webcasts with Kirsten Winkler since the end of 2011. They're a lot of fun and I've had a chance to meet some very interesting folks involved in the business of education. The good folks at Edukwest, though, have asked me to host my own show highlighting K12 tools, technologies, and ideas.

Called C12 (get it, like K12 only C12 since my name is producer is remarkably clever), the new show will consist of short segments that can be easily viewed in bite-sized chunks, shared with colleagues, and hopefully prove useful for teachers, educators, administrators, and even students looking for useful insights or interesting new tools with immediate application in the classroom. While all of the episodes will be available on Edukwest, I'll be picking some of my favorite segments and cross-posting them here, writing up stories about them, and reposting the aggregated episodes on a special ZDNet page.

For last week's episode, I have to call out my interview with San Kim, founder of Showme. We talk about his company's interactive iPad application, which has quickly become a favorite of mine.

Check back for more interesting segments and interviews (this week, Richard Byrne of freetech4teachers joins me to talk about his pick for the tool of the week) and share your suggestions for webcast topics in the talkbacks.

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  • iTunes link?

    Hey Chris, got a link where I can subscribe in iTunes?
  • Youtube

    Have you thought about putting it on Teachertube or Schooltube? Youtube is blocked at many schools.
  • Showme... other platforms?

    Any chance this will be ported to android or windows mobile?
  • @philwhite42 - Oh no - NOT Youtube

    It's funny that the people in the education system don't role model the VALUE and PLEASURE of creativity.

    I mean sure - Youtube is one of the ultimate drug habits for spending "months" on the internet.... but there is SO much content that is so incredibly educational....

    There are people who can teach you how to do almost EVERYTHING - and while there are enormous amounts of videos that show all sorts of things, that may be not so useful - again - by who's standards?

    If the idea of life is to particpate in a joyful, enthusiastic and service to others driven way, then there are a million opportunites every step of the way.

    Pity the people in the education apply the NAZI black listing - to what could be for many - quite a relevant education.
    Wroger Wroger
    • Youtube not necessary

      Listen, wroger wroger, you a-hole, Youtube is fine for home use, but it has a lot of inappropriate content we are not allowed to pass on to kids. Teachertube and Schooltube, as I mentioned already are acceptable alternatives for education. If something is only on Youtube, download it at home, if legal, and bring it in. As for your nazi comment, it shows how ignorant you are when it comes to school IT needs.