The inaugural online Global Education Conference kicks off next week

The inaugural online Global Education Conference kicks off next week

Summary: The Global Education Conference is a showcase for ways in which technology can enable learning across borders, cultures, and areas of expertise. Check it out next week from just about anywhere.


It's free. Major players from across the education industry worldwide are either coordinating, presenting, promoting or supporting it. It's online and available both live and asynchronously. It's spanning time zones, languages, countries, cultures, and, most importantly, a wide variety of topics in education. It's the first online Global Education Conference and both the content and delivery are worth checking out for educators and those involved with educational technology. And, it's free.

There isn't even a formal registration required to attend any of the 300 worldwide sessions or 36 keynotes, all presented over the Elluminate platform. Topics range from global warming to language instruction touch on technology at many levels, particularly as an enabler and facilitator of 21st century learning.

I'm working with the Conference coordinators now to have a number of presenters write guest blogs and further highlight topics of particular interest to the Ed Tech set. Hopefully those blogs will be up in the next couple of weeks. For now, though, check out the sessions taking place all next week (November 15th through 19th) and feel free to share your favorites with me on Twitter. I'll post additional updates as press materials become available and as I stumble across my own favorite sessions.

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Chris Dawson is a freelance writer, consultant, and policy advocate with 20 years of experience in education, technology, and the intersection of the two.

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  • Update and Thanks!

    Chris: Thanks so much for highlighting this event! We're up to 317 sessions scheduled over the five days from 62 countries, with 59 keynote addresses from 96 partner organizations. Anyone is welcome to attend! --Steve Hargadon, co-chair.
  • Cool!

    It's great that it's for free, though. :-) Thanks for this...