Trinidad and Tobago students post sex and violence to YouTube

Trinidad and Tobago students post sex and violence to YouTube

Summary: Cellphone ban contemplated since videos were shot with phone.


To ban or not to ban those pesky cellphones at school. That's what Trinidad and Tobago schools are pondering after students began posting lewd and violent videos of students in the classrooms, reports Newsday.

Schools everywhere are grappling with the new issues that cellphones and other technology present at school. Trinidadian school officials found their school featured on a YouTube video which showed students in school uniforms having sexual intercourse in a classroom. It was titled "Road to Success" and submitted by an 18-year-old Trinidadian male calling himself "hoodrich233."

Shot with a camera phone, the video was viewed 483 times before it was pulled from YouTube for "terms of use violation." The photo of the couple remains on the site, and the damage to the school's reputation is done.

Another clip remains on YouTube, called "Hard Slap Pt 1" and "Hard Slap Pt 2" showing students hitting each other. This has the caused the Education minister to call on parents to be more watchful over what their children are up to.

"It is appalling to see secondary and tertiary education students using websites to display information and actions not in their own, or their school's best interest."

The vice-president of the National Parent Teachers' Association, Carlyle Green, said the Association believes there should be a total ban on cellphones in schools.

"We are still of the opinion that in almost every school there is a land line and parents can contact their children - and the same facility is available if teachers have to contact parents." Green said youths had impressionable minds, and no one knew what "they in turn may want to do."

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  • education

    the problem is not cellphone, the problem is what our educationists have done to our kids!
    • what?

      I believe the word you're looking for is "Educators".

      Regardless, your point is completely erroneous. Parents are the first and foremost influence on a child; not peers, not media, and not popular culture. These are the same people who put a computer, television, game system and DVD player in their kids' rooms and have no idea what they're doing with any of them. Then, when the kids misbehave in school, instead of ensuring they're disciplined and corrected, they complain and sue the schools for attempting to keep order.

      Did any of these children even face consequences for their sexual or violent behavior???
  • educationists?

    I didn't even know that was a word. Having said that, it is ridiculous to blame the "specialists in theory of education." That's like blaming antisocial tendancies on the psychiatrists. The problem is parents and their seeming unwillingness or inability to teach values to their children.
    sheila crowe
  • evil technology

    I love the fact that these people view the cell phone cams as the problem rather than the sex and violence. Our kids are caught on video beating each other and copulating in school ? so what's the solution? Ban the cell phones, of course. The problem isn't that they're doing these things. The problem is that the world has witnessed them doing these things.
    AH McGee
  • Doesn't anyone check...

    ... the spelling in these things?

    It's [b]Tobago[/b], not Togago!
  • RE: Trinidad and Togago students post sex and violence to YouTube

    Hi! See also
  • RE: Trinidad and Togago students post sex and violence to YouTube

    Totally agree with everything.