Microsoft's vision of everyday future tech (video)

Microsoft's vision of everyday future tech (video)

Summary: Microsoft's Office Division has posted a new concept video that illustrates what productivity may look like in 5 to 10 years.

TOPICS: Microsoft, CXO

In the future, devices like smartphones and tablets will reach the pinnacle of the "less, but better" ethos popularized by the design icon Dieter Rams, and touch displays will be embedded into everyday objects so that all you're left with is information that is both tangible and contextually-aware.

That's the essence of Microsoft's new video depicting three people (at home, at work, and on-the-go) as they go about their lives immersed in a productivity utopia.

Kurt DelBene, President, Microsoft Office Division, says the reason for creating the video is to show people how technology that is available today or in research will transform from a passive tool to a more active assistant to help us "manage our time better, focus our attention on the most important things, and foster meaningful connections with the people we care about."

The big question: Which vendors will we actually find under the hood for the envisioned capabilities if they do materialize this way?

Topics: Microsoft, CXO

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  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    I want that phone without bezel
    • About all that's good

      @HalfAKilo Though the need to click to see if your room is reay after dark and you're booking is confirmed seems very MS. As does the data projected onto the cab window-seriously?<br><br>The need to flip the business card to see data that could quite easily been presented in the original screen. The love heart gesture that appears to do nothing, dissolving into a mess of tile interface (which won't survive past win8)...<br><br>I'll watch the rest when I get off my flight, comedy gold:-)<br><br>The transaltion required for johnansburg airport is a scream.
      Richard Flude
  • The way the patent system is going...

    The way the patent system is going, it's more like 40 to 80 years from now, not 5 to 10.
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    Very interesting concept video. It'd be great to be able to have information like that at our finger tips.
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    Only one problem with this vision. The only way for it to work is, the end user has to sign their soul away to Microsoft. Microsoft would have to be the governing body of the whole population.
    • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)


      Just like when you buy an Apple device you can only use their software, cables, cloud etc.

      Go away iTard!
      • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

        Ram U
    • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

      Like you currently sold your soul to hate Microsoft and its partners. :)
      Ram U
    • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)


      It's funny to be a troll at first, then it becomes pathetic. You have broken that threshold.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    You misspelled everyday (incorrect: everday )
    • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)


      Thank you. Must've been in my blind spot.
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    I hope MS patented that phone design :-). Actually, everything in that video.
    • Microsoft is good at commissioning videos

      @TKR1 ... terrible at making consumer products that anyone is willing to pay money for.

      You don't need these videos. Just watch what Apple is shipping.
  • But less ISN'T better!

    What a hideous vision. Count me out, I'm sticking with proper desktop hardware.
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    There needs to be room for practicality in the future. A phone that's all screen no bezel and that's thin as a business card?
    • You wouldn't want to put it down

      @dave95 and have the power run out. Perhaps MS has released a press release to solve this;-)
      Richard Flude
  • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

    Whole video is not even that impressive. It's current technology with better package using by beautiful people. Basically we still have to swipe and touch the screen. A.I. is still not smart enought to understand spoken command. Video Chat??? If you buy new windows phone from Nokia you can't even video chat since no front facing camera.
    • That's how most concept videos work


      What they are doing is looking at evolution of existing tech and seeing how it could be used as costs go down. Bezel-less 3D screens, Kinect-type sensors, and voice is there as well. What do you think that little Mic was when they'd press and hold?

      Will it play out exactly like this? Of course not. But it gives an idea of where technology could be heading. Eventually there will be tons of surface displays throughout the office and home. An entire desk surface that doubles as a way to display and interact with information? Sounds pretty sweet to me.
    • I'm confused... what exactly are you complaining about?


      The video is supposed to show what *could* happen in the future, not what we can do now. There are several scenes where they're using gestures rather than touch and swipe - but why would we want to entirely replace a system that works 'just because'?

      Also, why are you arguing that the state of things NOW describe the future? For example: it took Apple until the iPhone 4 to get around to adding a front facing camera.

      That being said, you're a bit out of touch with today, it seems. The latest WP7 phones from Nokia have front facing cameras. And Windows 7 speech recognition are pretty good at both commands and dictation.

      Sounds like you just want to complain but don't really want to take the time to figure out something to complain about.
    • RE: Microsoft's vision of everday future tech (video)

      @Teco221 I think when it has the "microphone messages," that's actually voice commands. Notice how there's barely any sound at all, just music.