Sun sets on emerging tech blog

Sun sets on emerging tech blog

Summary: The shifting tides of business means a refocus on ZDNet. It's time to move on.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

In early 2003, ZDNet brought me on board as the site's first blogger and I got my feet wet by covering the results of the IT Priorities monthly survey. Some readers may recall the period. Industry heavy-hitters Dan Farber and David Berlind manned the site with in-depth feature articles on the cusp of Web 2.0.

In 2009, I had the honor of picking up Emerging Tech soon after its previous steward, the unequaled Roland Piquepaille, unexpectedly passed away.

Roughly two hundred and sixty posts later, the shifting tides of business means a refocus on ZDNet. Emerging tech and few other blogs (e.g., Friending Facebook and Home Theater) will be closing shortly.

Thank you for your readership and participation. Here are some highlights:

Top posts: Computers have speed limit as unbreakable as speed of light, say physicists (most comments) 5 trends driving the future of work (most tweets) Report: Acts of space warfare likely by 2025 (top views) Brazil goes all-digital with 2010 census (top destination coverage) Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech (coolest video post)

Recent photo galleries: Superhumans, dead worlds, and the fate of the universe in pictures 10 military technologies that will change the face of battle Duck! Look out for space junk (photos)

Alternatives/blogroll: SmartPlanet Technology Review New Scientist Science Daily Next Big Future Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence World Future Society

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • :(

    Sad to see Friending Facebook and Emerging Tech close.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    • Thank you

      I appreciate your comment.

      - Chris
  • So what are they replacing it with

    Or is ZDNet saying that they're no longer worried about "emerging tech", & that "the current tech is all the tech we will ever need"?
  • Any chance we could get a poll going...

    ...and have Dawson's Googling Google pulled as well?

    With his latest babble...he has once and for all shown himself to be completely without any credibility.

    Better that his blog disappears, and yours stays. You are FAR more interesting and unbiased than that twit.
  • You did all right

    Wishin' you good spaces in far away places, as Lightfoot once waxed.
    • Thanks

      I appreciate that very much.

      - Chris
  • Enjoyed Your Perspectives

    Thanks for many great ideas and wonderful opps to think critically.

    Loretta Jablonski Donovan