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Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

Zack Whittaker

Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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The Expense Tracker: as it should be

Earlier today I spoke with Eric Tippetts, VP of marketing at VOICE2Insights, a Utah based company that has developed The Expense Tracker. This is a voice activated system that helps you to record expenses as you go.

October 27, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


PBWiki: growing in a recession

Earlier today I had a conversation with Chris Yeh, VP enterprise marketing at PBWiki. He brings an honesty and refreshing spirit to the business of building a startup.

October 23, 2008 by Dennis Howlett

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Hands up who's tired of Twitter?

While I didn't have time to reflect on the top management changes at Twitter last week, I'm not surprised. Jack Dorsey and Ev Williams have swapped seats for one reason: Jack's a code jock and Ev's the biz guy.

October 19, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Tim Bray on surviving the tough times

Image via WikipediaTim Bray, director of web technologies at Sun Microsystems gave what I believe to be the most practical advice I've heard so far for those in startups looking forward. Speaking at FOWA, Tim's blunt view is that we are headed for tough times but that should not blind people to the downside.

October 11, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Seesmic snags Washington Post

Just after tonight's McCain/Obama debate ended I received a Tweet message from Cathy Brooks, head of business development at Seesmic telling me the company has snagged the Washington Post as a customer.Seesmic has developed a 'white label' version of its service for the Washington Post's political blog, The Fix.

October 7, 2008 by Dennis Howlett

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