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Dennis Howlett is a 40 year veteran in enterprise IT, working with companies large and small across many industries. He endeavors to inform buyers in a no-nonsense manner and spares no vendor that comes under his microscope.

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Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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RightScale cloud management extends to MySQL

RightScale, which specializes in cloud computing management for the Amazon Web Services platform today announced support for MySQL Enterprise. The service, which goes live July 1, provides automated deployment, management and scaling, coupled with MySQL Enterprise premium-level support for large database applications.

June 25, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Utterz changes put it into enterprise land

A couple of weeks ago, I briefly met with Simeon Margolis, co-founder of Utterz. While I like the service as a consumer I said I believed there would be significant business interest if the service allowed for sending Utterz messages direct to preferred groups that could in turn be embedded in community services like Clearspace.

June 25, 2008 by Dennis Howlett

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Animoto goes commercial

It's only a couple of weeks ago that Neville Hobson introduced me to Animoto. Like he, I made the impulse upgrade to the then premium version.

June 24, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Ruby on Rails: scaling to 1 billion page views per month

While a lot of attention has been focused on Twitter with questions about whether Ruby on Rails scales, LinkedIn has been quietly running a RoR application on Facebook that is beating down around 1 billion page view per month. Bumpersticker, a relatively trivial Facebook application that allows you to create a cartoon that you can put on your Facebook friends' sites.

June 23, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Seesmic launches threadable embedded player: sparks row

 Seesmic, the 'video conversation' service now includes threaded conversations in its embeddable player. When a person grabs the embed code of a Seesmic video for inclusion on another site, it automatically includes all the 'replies' to that video.

June 19, 2008 by Dennis Howlett

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Quirky Plurk: another microblogging time sink

The other evening I started to receive unsolicited (aka spam) requests to hook up with people on Plurk. Spam might be too strong a word since the requests were coming from people with whom I'm already connected through other services.

June 4, 2008 by Dennis Howlett


Aqilla mashes Google with accounting

Following a low profile beta test period, London UK based Aqilla has come out of beta with an on-demand accounting application but with several twists. First up, its dashboard has a similar look and feel to iGoogle.

June 2, 2008 by Dennis Howlett