9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

Summary: The White House Facebook Page has received at least three threatening messages on 9/11's anniversary. The Secret Service is investigating.


Threatening messages were posted on the White House Facebook Page on 9/11's anniversary. At least three posts referencing the events of September 11, 2001, appeared briefly before they were taken down, according to NBC News:

We'll come back U.S.A. One day only 11/9/2011. We'll come to u white house sooooooooooon. We'll come back 11/9/2011 to kill u all.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said the agency has referred the messages to its Internet threat desk, which has a specific process in place to handle the wide spectrum of social media posts brought to the attention of officials, according to CBS News.

The posts come amid heightened alerts surrounding a possible 9/11 terror threat, which has been described as "specific" and "credible" but not confirmed. New York City and Washington DC have tightened security after intelligence collected from overseas indicated a possible threat involving car bombs, as well threats to bridges and tunnels. The information indicated that three men would travel from Pakistan to the US to carry out an attack but so far precautionary interviews with travelers have drawn a blank.

The scrutiny of airline passenger records has turned up well over 100 names of interest, all of whom have been interviewed but were not found to be part of any terror plot. Some were, however, added to terror databases simply because of their travel patterns. Additionally, the FBI has found no sign of unusual purchases of chemicals needed to make car bombs around the New York and Washington areas.

A joint FBI-Department of Homeland Security bulletin from Thursday said al-Qaida may be considering attacks that use improvised explosives packed in vehicles. The goal would be to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden and other key terror figures.

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  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

    Wow we are so scared al-Qaida! You don't scare us you scum of the earth. You don't have to come all the way over here when we are over there with you now. Take care of the guys we sent over to you first. Oh I forgot You can't ! Haha Go hide like your Little sissy girl Osama bin Laden did!
  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

    Is this news? Seriously, didn't we expect this? Why are you giving attention to these? Can't you act like a patriot and ignore it?

    Clickbait over 9/11 - really?
  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

    Bet it was some stupid little kiddie
  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

    Does anyone else think it's kinda pathetic for would-be terrorists to be playing internet-tough-guy on facebook for their big 9/11 attack?
  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

    Looks like some kids who have too much time on their hands. Do you <I>really</I> think anyone planning something would make themselves look like bigger idiots by doing this?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • Posted by the FBI no doubt


    After they got Bin Laden, and he turned out to be just some bloke in a concrete house sleeping on a mattress, watching an old CRT TV, not the supervillain in a mountain retreat with cyber attack bases ready to take control of missiles and destroy the world. It's kinda difficult for the fear industry to keep the fear going.

    Some kid defaces the Whitehouse facebook pages with childish comments. Meh, grow up.
  • RE: 9/11 threats posted on White House Facebook Page

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