All Facebook Pages get Timeline

All Facebook Pages get Timeline

Summary: All Facebook Pages get the new Timeline design starting today at 11:00 AM PST. Facebook does not have a date and time for when the update process will be complete for all Pages.


All Facebook Pages are getting a mandatory Timeline update today. I have confirmed with Facebook that the update process has started, though the company couldn't give me a time for when it will end. Late last month, Facebook announced Timeline for Pages and started offering the update to Page administrators. While Timeline is mandatory, Page administrators have had about a month to curate their Page and were able to push out Timeline at any time they wanted. Today, that time is up.

As I warned everyone yesterday, all remaining Facebook Pages that haven't upgraded to Timeline will get it starting at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM PST).

I contacted Facebook this morning with the following questions:

Is the update still happening at 11:00 AM PST? Will all Pages get Timeline immediately at this time or will the rollout happen throughout the day? Will there be an announcement when the update starts? Will there be an announcement when it is done? Is there a date for when Timeline will be pushed to all profiles?

"The update will start at 11am PST today and it's rolling out throughout the day," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "Don't have a timeframe to share on when everyone will have it."

I will try to get an update from Facebook when all Pages have Timeline. If you see confirmation of this, do let me know. Update on March 31: "This is now complete," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

Here are the features Facebook wants to highlight in Timeline for Pages:

  • Cover Photo: Businesses and organizations can now add a cover photo to the top of their Page.
  • Friend Activity: When someone first visits a Page, they may see friends' recent posts spotlighted as friend activity. People will also see how many of their friends are connected to a Page.
  • Larger Stories, Milestones, and Page Timeline: The new Page design allows Page owners to tell stories through bigger photos and milestones that can include a date and other content.
  • Pinned Posts: Organizations can pin a post to keep a story at the top of a Page for up to seven days.
  • Admin Panel: The Admin panel is a new way for Page administrators to track their performance and to respond to private messages from people (Facebook started testing Private Messages for Pages two months ago).
  • Activity Log: Page administrators have access to a log of their Page activity, including tools to easily highlight, hide or delete posts and change the date of a post.

If you are a Page administrator, you can see tips from others about moving to Timeline on this thread: Facebook Marketing Solutions. You should also check out and the new eight-page Facebook Pages guide (PDF).

Two months ago, Facebook started rolling out Timeline to all its users. Facebook has yet to give a date for when Timeline for profiles will be pushed out to everyone. There are fewer Pages than there are profiles, and the backlash from users is greater than it is from businesses, so the company is taking more time with the Timeline update for profiles.

Update on March 31: Facebook confirmed with me that all Facebook Pages have been upgraded to Timeline.

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  • Destroying peoples choice for money and it looks like crap

    Seriously timeline is only for benefit of business and exploiting more personal information. It sucks and people should not be getting forced to it if they don't want it or wait till they can make it look more neat and organized rather then scribble by a 3 year old.

    Next if you created a Landing Page for business or fan page now that gets destroyed as well. Which is totally wrong but again with a young ceo only seeing Billion Dollar Deals what does he care?

    They lie about deleting your account which that alone is crap. Seriously I don't need people knowing what time I take a dump or do things if I want that much out there id give it. Next other people don't need to know that in depth of stuff more but yet facebook feels this is more marketing opportunity is driven by marketing your data.

    It's wrong and is bad business practice and why id never buy any of it's stock cause of the deeper intrusiveness they decided to add it's a social site you share what you want so why go beyond that for everyone knowing stuff? I think this will lead to more issues of profiling and worse easier to stalk people.
  • Whatever happened with all profiles being moved over to timeline?

    Whatever happened with all profiles being moved over to timeline?

    There was a ZDNet article not long ago about it but it never happened. Plenty of my friends still have the Wall. I normally like technical changes but I wish I still had the Wall. The Timeline is just lots more noise, compared with the simplicity of the Wall. I'm sure as hell not creating a new account to get it back though, besides I suspect new accounts get no choice.
    • See the last paragraph.

      Facebook hasn't announced a date yet.
      • Thanks. I thought it was supposed to have already happened.

        Thanks. I thought it was supposed to have already happened.
  • Time Line

    Well they hit my Business page but not my personal which totally sucks after all the work designing my landing page and making the image line up with the like button now thanks to facebook that ruined my work....
  • Tick, tick, tick....

    I'm a fairly early adopter, and I haven't been timelined yet. But when/if I do, that's it for FB and me.
  • Ppl still have normal pages

    Alot of my friends still have non timeline pages as of 2am EST on April 1 so the switch is definitely not complete
    • Yes it is.

      As the article says, the switch is for Pages, not profiles.
  • Timeline is so Unattractive!

    With the current change of Facebook's Pages to Timeline....... a lot of businesses and musicians are going to be turned off and will look for other alternatives to advertise and promote themselves. Myspace is trying make a comeback, Followers on Twitter are increasing and Google+ is gaining popularity! I've even come across this video for ANOTHER Social Media Network called Chatterboxx World.

    I've noticed that ever since I switched my profile to Timeline, I haven't been on Facebook as much as I used to. And a lot of the Pages I frequent have now been tainted!
    • Not just Business and Artists

      Users are also turned off by Timeline. I deleted my Profile on Friday. Time may work from some users but completely destroyed my use case. I feel unshackled now.
  • Facebook Timeline

    All facebook is not changed to timeline. I have quit a few friends that still have the old view