Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

Summary: Microsoft already uses data from Facebook and Twitter in Bing. While the search giant is pushing Google+, however, the software giant says it is just getting started with Facebook and Twitter.


As has been widely reported, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are not part of Google's recently launched Search plus Your World (SPYW). While Facebook and Twitter are not pleased (and they're fighting back), there's a party that is benefiting and plans to benefit even more from Google's decision to boost Google+ in its search results, but not Facebook or Twitter: Microsoft.

You see, Bing is the only search engine that has explicit deals to access data from both Facebook and Twitter. While Google's small, but biggest competitor, has the social advantage, it hasn't really used it very much. That being said, Microsoft is slowly adding more social features that depend on Facebook (and Twitter). Furthermore, Bing Search director Stefan Weitz told AllThingsD that social is good for Bing, and more Facebook/Twitter integration is coming very soon:

Do you think it makes sense for search engines to pay to access social data? I'm not on the business side, but I think for search to work properly, you have to understand that if a missing component has to be included, you have to [make a deal for] it.

Has social search positively impacted the Bing experience? Are there measurable impacts of social users being more satisfied with their results? For sure — the biggest thing we see is when you look on the search page and see the faces [of your friends], the click-through rate goes up substantially. It goes back to basic neuroscience: We pay attention to people. The core user experience has gotten a ton better, and it's very early. We've taken a while to do this, but it's complex.

When are you going to press your social advantage in Bing, seeing as you have both Facebook and Twitter deals and Google doesn't? You're going to see the culmination of a lot of our learnings in the not too distant future. All those lessons will be applied into something that I think is pretty interesting. How we think about social is always evolving, and the next turn of the crank is more differentiated than we've seen in the past.

It's important to emphasize that Google still has access to most of the data that Microsoft has. Bing's main advantage, however, is efficiency; crawling is expensive. Since Facebook and Twitter give Microsoft feeds to their public content, Bing can do whatever it wants with the data much more quickly than Google can.

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  • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

    Google = Next Yahoo
    • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

      @vivianvein Why would you say that? People like Google. They like an open internet. Google champions having an open internet. Microsoft, not so much.
      K B
      • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

        @K B

        Google is an advertising company. I think that says it all.
      • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

        tonymcs@... I'm not sure why that's a problem. Isn't that how the Bing division of Microsoft brings in almost all of its revenue? Isn't that how CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC make money?

        Google was able to make a stellar search engine by differentiated them from the mass of competition that was around in the late 90s. It took some excellent programming to do this. They made a web-based mapping application that blew all the other ones away. This validated javascript as the programming language of the web and pretty-much led to a whole host of AJAX applications that came out after that. Google Earth is one of the most incredible apps ever created in my opinion. More power to them.

        There's a real bitterness that I see from Microsoft fanboys towards Google. You don't see the bitterness com out so much against Apple or any other competitor. Why is that?
        K B
  • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

    K B: 10 reasons to dislike Google.

    1. Their browser doesn't follow standards and you have to make Chrome only css hacks - are they trying to be the new IE6?

    2. They have software that installs itself in abnormal places on the hard drive and hides itself.

    3. From March this year you will NOT be able to opt out. Nice...

    4. They track you even when you are not using their sites.

    5. They "bubble" search results.

    6. They try and copy other businesses and fail miserably rather than sticking to their core products. e.g. Buzz, Plus, Wave.

    7. For years people complained at the likes of Apple, Microsoft and malware for "silent installs". Strange how Chrome does not receive the same complaints for doing exactly the same thing.

    8. The bastardisation of the word 'Beta'.

    9. Chrome release numbers. Adding a release number when they have added nearly nothing to the software. It was a marketing ploy to make Chrome appear more sophisticated to the average user since they have a higher release number. The average person sees things this way and Mozilla as a result had to do the same thing which has caused a lot of problems with add-ons in their own software. I blame Google entirely for these issues.

    10. Do [s]No[/s] Evil - 2012 sees their lifelong slogan dropped. Wonder why.....
    jan bLinQue
    • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

      @jan bLinQue
      1. I don't use Chrome much, but it seems to follow most web standards pretty closely when I'm testing with it.
      2. I don't see this as being a pertinent issue to most users. I don't recall ever having any significant problems with Google installs.
      3. This seems like a somewhat petty point, but if you don't like it, don't use them. The idea is to simplify services.
      4. This has been commonplace for many companies since the 90s. Doesn't Bing do the same?
      5. Not sure what this means. Do you mean making search more personalized? If so, good.
      6. Android and Google maps seem to have worked out pretty well. Any good company should be trying out different ideas. Not all will work.
      7. I don't think people are complaining about MS and Apple so much anymore, which is probably why people 're not complaining about Chrome either. Or maybe people just trust Google more.
      8. Not pertinent to the end user. Google gets things out to market sooner this way.
      9. Again, not pertinent to the end user. They are continually doing incremental updates. It's a newer way of thinking about app development.
      10. The motto is Don't Be Evil. I think they still use it.
      K B
      • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

        @K B
        If you are wise and understand the so called 'internet business' you will run as far as away from google services. If you are smart you will understand what it means and how to differentiate between a software company (google) that makes 95 percent of its revenue from ads and a company (Microsoft) that makes all the money from software sales.

        Its simple common sense who want your private data.
      • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

        @K B
        1. Well I can tell you from experience that it doesn't. It seems to do it's own thing. It even recently had a bug where pausing a youtube video in chrome crashed the browser. If they can't get their own website to work in their own browser before releasing software.....

        2. I don't think you will find "most users" on zdnet. Because they are ignorant and don't notice, does it make Google's underhand tactics acceptable? No.

        3. So I should stop using Youtube, Google Search, and ANY website with a Google Plus button on it? That's not very realistic. Why can't I just opt out of their disease of the internet?

        4. It's commonplace so that makes it acceptable? Are you serious? I use DuckDuckGo now. It's very good. Google got so scared by ONE billboard they leased for a month, that it felt it had to respond. Must have touched a nerve...

        5. - When I'm searching I'm looking for stuff I DON'T already know. Not stuff I know already. When I want to help someone on the phone or chat with searching isn't it easier if we are looking at the same results?

        6. I don't think Google developed Andriod... they just bought it. Fair enough all tech companies acquire other companies. Google Maps - fair enough.. good software. The ones I mentioned though have no defence. Also.... a company the size of Google and with the amount of cash they have... and the best name they could come up with for their flagship social network to take on Facebook was... Google Plus? Good grief!

        7. They won't be trusting them for very much longer. Just ask the US Government. Google had to explain their polices TWICE and will probably have to explain them again. I can't see their policy getting past European Law either.

        8. I don't really care about the end user in this instance. I'm a developer and I'm criticising their development techniques. How many YEARS was gmail in beta? Why can't they just do things right?

        9. It's purely so they can claim to have a more advanced browser than their competitors. They completely destroyed the proper release method. I think one extra release number had a change of an icon and one security patch. What a joke. Should have just added a .1 to the release.

        10. Hence the 'Don't Be Evil' plugin written to tame Google's insistance on hardcoding it's own social network results to the top of search.
        jan bLinQue
  • RE: Bing to use Facebook, Twitter more in fight against Google

    Rather than wasting time trying to integrate social media with search engines, how about just making relevant results show up in your searches? I tried searching for the Microsoft Update page using Bing and guess what didn't show up. There were a bunch of support pages related to the update site, other pages talking about the update site, wikipedia, and some other useless pages. But no Microsoft Update site. So I tried one of the related searches 'Microsoft update website' and the same junk showed up but still no site. Do you know what the first page that comes up when you search in Google? The freaking website I'm looking for, not a bunch of other stuff sort of related to it. If I can't even find a highly used microsoft website using their own search engine, I don't like the odds of actually finding what I'm looking for very often. People use search engines because they're trying to find something on the internet. Try searching for the update page through Bing, it's increadibly annoying.