BringIt adds head-to-head wagering for Facebook games

BringIt adds head-to-head wagering for Facebook games

Summary: Transactional platform BringIt is adding head-to-head wagering to its platform, allowing social games companies to add additional gameplay and revenue for their existing offerings.


BringIt is a transactional platform aimed at social game publishers that want to add challenges, tournaments, social leader boards, virtual currency collection, and payouts to their social games. The company today announced an embeddable platform for Head-to-Head social game competition where players can wager and win virtual currency.

BringIt expects the new Head-to-Head functionality will reach over 2.1 million daily active users. Here are the specific features BringIt is promising:

  • Wager & win virtual currency – Players can compete head-to-head, wagering virtual currency on the outcome.
  • One-on-one or more – You can compete against one friend or many.
  • Go viral – Challenge your Facebook friends by posting to their Wall.
  • Play when you want – Asynchronous play means players aren't limited -to playing when their friends are online.
  • Plenty of choices – You can compete using any of BringIt's Flash mini-games, inside any of BringIt's integrations with leading social games and websites.
  • You've been challenged – BringIt's challenge management system lets players know when they've been challenged, allows them to review and act on pending challenges, and lets them look back at past results.
  • I want a rematch! – The one-click rematch button gets you back in the game.
  • Cash in quick – Virtual currency prizes are awarded instantly when match is complete via API calls to partner's currency wallet.

The platform is meant to add another mini-game experience (Tournaments, Solo challenges, and now Head-to-Head competitions) with virtual currency wagering to existing Facebook games. On the business side of things, this hopefully means increased revenue, retention, and engagement. BringIt supposedly takes less than a day to implement, and the company pitches that it boosts gameplay time, increases the velocity of spend, and converts more players into paying customers.

The first Facebook games publishers to offer their players BringIt Head-to-Head challenges in their games include CrowdStar, East Side Games, Sometrics, and Mall World.

"As trail blazers like BringIt and Kabam have demonstrated, the social gaming market is awakening to the need for new, more competitive modes of game play alongside the traditional simulation and builder games," BringIt Founder and CEO Woody Levin said in a statement. "We are looking forward to offering our clients and end users the industry's first and only Head-to-Head wagering functionality in our mini-game platform. By adding this innovative new feature and connecting with over 8 million players, BringIt has again shown why we are the leader in third-party engagement and monetization platforms."

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  • RE: BringIt adds head-to-head wagering for Facebook games

    This looks fun but only for Adults, I let my kids play karma kingdom, ecotopia, etc. things that feed their mind.