California thanks Facebook for 800% boost in organ donors

California thanks Facebook for 800% boost in organ donors

Summary: The Donate Life California registry has seen an 800 percent increase in organ donor registrations since yesterday. Facebook's newly launched organ donor feature is already bringing great results.


Facebook today launched a new feature that lets you add whether you are an organ donor to your Timeline and share your story about when, where, or why you decided to become one. If you're not already an organ donor, Facebook gives you a link to your state or national donor registry so you can quickly enroll. The results are already coming in, starting with California.

Donate Life California posted the following update on its Facebook Page:

As of 12:30pm today, the Donate Life California registry has increased its online donor sign ups by nearly 800% from yesterday thanks to this mornings announcement of the partnership with Facebook! Thank you Facebook!

Medical experts believe broader awareness about organ donation could help solve the crisis, but public health awareness campaigns have so far failed to get people to become organ donors. Facebook is now showing that it can indeed be done.

More than 114,000 people in the U.S., and millions more around the globe, are waiting for the heart, kidney, or liver transplant that will save their lives. Facebook is giving hope to each and every one of them.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available to Facebook users in the U.S. and U.K. The good news is Facebook told me that it plans to expand the feature to additional countries in the coming weeks and months.

I'm sure Facebook will soon share data on this feature rollout that isn't limited to just one state. Hopefully the results will be promising across the board.

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  • It's also a little sketchy...

    There will definitely be positive success stories with this...there's also the other side.
    Rich Harris
    • At least now there is other side to "the other sides", because until now ..

      ... Facebook had a lot of confirmed bads and barely any virtues. If so, Jobs did not die without doing something good, too.
  • With the attention span of most facebookers

    It'll only take 1 negative rumour for them all to reverse their position.

    (I've happily been a registered organ donor for decades)
    Richard Flude
    • organ donors

      For the 1 negative story (not rumor) read last month's gripping account of problems in the organ donor system in Discover Magazine. Scared me enough to make me add a clause to my healthcare POA stating nobody can take anything from me unless it is to go to one of my natural born children and is necessary to save that child's life.