Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

Summary: A father has murdered a couple after they unfriended his daughter on Facebook. The father and mother were both shot in the head, but their baby boy was left unharmed in his mother's arms.


36-year-old Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Billie Jean Hayworth, recently unfriended 30-year-old Jenelle Potter on Facebook. Jenelle was upset, but not as much as her 60-year-old father, Marvin "Buddy" Potter (pictured right). He was so angry when he learned about the unfriending that he and 38-year-old Jamie Lynn Curd (pictured left), who reportedly had romantic feelings for Jenelle, went out and murdered Payne and Hayworth last week. The couple is survived by an eight-month-old baby boy, who was found unharmed, in Hayworth's arms.

The couple was shot in their home last Tuesday morning. The victims lived with Billy Payne Sr., who was the last person to see them alive; he reportedly saw Hayworth get up to feed the baby before he left for work at about 5:30 AM on January 31, 2012.

About five hours later, when a former neighbor stopped by to pick up mail the family would save for him, Payne was found dead in his bedroom and Hayworth was found dead in the baby's room. Both victims were shot in the head.

Both men have been charged in the shooting of the couple, authorities said today, according to NYDailyNews. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Johnson County Sheriff's Office charged them with two counts of first-degree murder, after a week-long investigation. Neither of the two men had a criminal record, but both had a history with the victims.

There were several harassing comments made on Facebook just before the couple was found dead. In the weeks leading up to the murder, Potter, who is also Payne's cousin, had two separate verbal confrontations. Last year, Payne and Hayworth complained to police that Jenelle was harassing them via telephone and over the Internet after they unfriended her on Facebook. Curd, who is Payne's second cousin, defended Jenelle in court in regards to the accusations.

Curd and Potter were arrested on a $200,000 bond each. Curd's initial bond was raised to $1.5 million while Potter's bond hearing has been delayed until next week, when he is expected to have an attorney. The duo is scheduled to appear in court on March 7.

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  • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

    To the duo, you will get your justice. The third person, you will have to live with the results.
    • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

      @daikon What third person?
      • The daughter

      • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

        Jenelle, the unfriended.
  • So as I've seen over the past few years some people

    have committed suicide due to cyber bullying. Now we have murder and in each case I read Facebook was involved. Seem's that all this socializing is or at least could be bad for one's health?<br><br>Also don't those two look like charmers....<br><br><br><br>Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

      @James Quinn It really has very little to do with Facebook to be honest. I dislike the service and don't use it, but it's only the vehicle of communication. Should we also stop using the telephone? After all, it was involved in all of those harassing calls.
  • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

    Well with all the crimes being committed and Facebook being at the heart of the issue, maybe it is time to make it against the law to use facebook :)

    NOTE: This is sarcasm
  • RE: Couple unfriends woman on Facebook, father murders them

    There has got to be more to this story... Love triangle gone wrong? Severe effects of inbreeding? Meth rage?
  • Hope it was just coincidence.

    I think that if an unfriending can get someone killed then someone is putting a bit too much importance on the social networking thing.

    Blaming Facebook in any way for these mursers shifts the blame from where blame really lays and thats with the loony tune pulling the trigger.

    I don't like facebook, I have an account I do little to almost nothing with so its not like I'm the junkie protecting my face book fix.

    Social media is a different kind of thing and the people using it are going to learn how to handle it.
  • ...the game the whole family can play...

    Anyone else notice they are all related in one way or another? Give me an "I", Give me an "N", Give me an "C", Give me an "E", Give me an "S", Give me an "T"! What does it spell? Trouble!
    They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree- especially as it gets eaten up and reused by the same tree.
    Facebook isn't to blame, these family-lovers would've grasped a different media (like the town square, bulletin board, and weekly dance) with their six-fingered hands to get their point across. I can only assume how much "manly" Janelle would look- she probably has more hair on one of her arms then "buddy" has on his head.
    Female offspring from in-family s*xing is ALWAYS uglier than the male
  • Never mix technology and idiocy.

    Just another example of why Goobers and technology should never be mixed.