Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

Summary: Facebook is updating Facebook Photos once again. Photos will be easier to view, will be bigger, will load faster, and will look cleaner.


Facebook has announced that it is improving its Facebook Photos product once again. The social networking giant is allowing users to upload bigger photos, is making them load faster, and is also updating the photo viewer as well. These new features will be gradually rolling out to Facebook's 750 million users over the next few days.

The photos you share on Facebook will now be bigger (from 720 pixels to 960 pixels). Photos you've already uploaded to the social network will also be displayed at this higher resolution, if available. Furthermore, the company is claiming photos will now load twice as fast.

Earlier this year, Facebook launched the first version of the photo viewer (and I wrote up how to revert to the old one). The company says it has now made changes based feedback it received from its users: the new photo viewer is more streamlined, features a cleaner interface, and makes it even easier to enjoy your photos. The light box is now set against a simple white background that puts more of the focus on the photo, and less on the surrounding frame.

Facebook also took the opportunity to reveal that the social network sees over 250 million photos uploaded each day. The service is thus still the biggest photo sharing website on the Internet.

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  • RE: Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

    No more horrible JPEG compression? >:(

    EDIT 8:32 PM EST: Just went live for me! :O
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

    no thanks privacy nightmare Facebook, we've already moved to Google+
  • RE: Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

    Seriously, Google+ handles photos and photo sharing 10x better than Facebook ever has or ever will!

    Honestly, if Google smooths out the learning curve Facebook could be in real trouble because there's a lot to like about Google+.
    • RE: Facebook announces easier, better, faster, cleaner Photos

      @Peter Perry And there is plenty not to like about Google+... I use it here and there but nowhere near as often as FB. Once the wrinkles are ironed out, it goes mainstream as opposed to beta, and I can convince my friends to make the switch I'll be on there more - until then I'll be on FB.
    • If only G didn't have a WORST privacy policy

      @Peter Perry Check the privacy statement and you will find that Google somehow managed to be WORST about user privacy than Facebook.
  • So clean they are REMOVING copyright watermarks

    I have a friend who just opened a Facebook account and posted a few of her pictures. Guess what, the 1st thing everybody notice (her friends including me) was that NONE of her pictures had her normal copyright watermark.

    Turns out, Facebook removed the watermark automatically, turning her copyright work into something they can legally steal and sell.