Facebook confirms it now has 350 million mobile users

Facebook confirms it now has 350 million mobile users

Summary: Facebook has revealed it now has 350 million monthly active mobile users, out of 800 monthly active users.


Ready for yet another Facebook milestone today? Out of the 800 million monthly active users, Facebook says it has 350 million monthly active mobile users.

In other words, 43.75 percent of Facebook's user base accesses the service from a mobile device. That number has been slowly growing towards the 50 percent mark, and it will probably pass it before the social network hits 1 billion users.

Facebook has said (or at least implied) many times that mobile is a big focus for the company. Mobile is of course the future of the whole technology industry, and Palo Alto knows this.

In March 2011, Facebook rolled out a major upgrade to the mobile version of its site, and also noted that it passed the 250 million mobile user milestone. This means the company has gained 100 million mobile users in the past six months or so.

Today's f8 developer conference did not include mobile-specific announcements because there was nothing new to tell developers. That being said, Facebook has a lot in the mobile pipeline, including an iPad app and video calling. I expect many mobile announcements to come before the end of the year.

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  • Most likely around 50M

    If they lied about the 800M, they are probably lying about the 350M too.

    Fact, FB is being losing members faster than it is gaining new users. The FAD is past the highest mid point and is on the down spiral. By 2013, FB will be a thing of the past and all the idiots who invented in the company will be asking what happened.