Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

Summary: 18-year-old Kayla Henriques has murdered 22-year-old Kamisha Richards over a $20 dispute that developed on Facebook.


A dispute that started over $20 and turned into a war of words on Facebook has ended with murder. 18-year-old Kayla Henriques stabbed 22-year-old Kamisha Richards near East New York's Cypress Hills housing complex in Brooklyn, according to police cited by NY Daily News.

Richards suffered one stab wound to the chest and succumbed to her injuries at Brookdale Hospital shortly after. Police found a kitchen knife at the crime scene and followed a blood trail to a neighboring building where Henriques was arrested for the death of her brother's girlfriend. She was charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Skeptical police sources said Henriques claimed the stabbing was in self-defense after Richards came after her.

Authorities say the two women engaged in an argument on Facebook a day earlier. Postings on the social network suggest that Richards lent Henriques $20 for diapers and milk. Henriques instead spent the cash on other items that did not immediately return the money. Excerpts of their heated verbal fight is below:

Richards: "U DAM RIGHT I’m MAD. I have no f---- kids and I refuse 2take care of any1 eles so yea I will b needing that $20…this is the last time u will con me into giving u money."

Henriques: "Dnt try to expose me mama but I'm not tha type to thug it ova facebook see u wen u get frm wrk."

Richards: "Kayla now u getin outa hand ... I hope u having fun entertaining the world ... Trust, IMA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!"

Henriques: "We will see."

Family and friends said Richards began taking care of Henriques since her mother died 15 years ago. Last year, Richards threw a baby shower for Henriques and was helping plan a first birthday party in May for her son Alex. When reporters asked if she felt bad about the slaying, Henriques replied: "No, 'cause it was a mistake. I was protecting my kids."

Richards was awaiting her Law School Admission Test results and hoped to begin law school in the fall. She was a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and also worked at a nursing home as well as for JPMorgan Chase.

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  • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

    I don't think this really has much to do with Facebook and more to do with screwed up individuals.

    Also, a kitchen knife is considered criminal possession of a weapon?
    • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder


      It was used as a weapon, so it became one. Kind of like how a boxer's fists can be classified as a deadly weapon if used as such.
      Michael Kelly
    • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder


      It is when the knife in question was used to commit a crime.

      Facebook doesn't manufacture killers, but it does play an unintentional supporting role in the escalation of arguments by giving participants a larger audience. Some people just love to put on a show.
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @josephmartins You're missing the point. If I now say something to you, which I might not if I met you in person and discovered you were perhaps younger and fitter than me, then we have an instance of internet rage.

        When this type of thing plays out on facebook - a public forum where the immediate consequences of one's words are not experienced, beyond a verbal insult thrown back in type, it IS the medium that's facilitating the attack.

        I hate moderation, mainly because it usually only provides an outlet for petty dictatorial types to flex muscles they would never have if they weren't bestowed by a system. That's not Darwinian, it's messed up social order.

        But when self censorship doesn't work, such as when fear, people of low intellect and money are involved, and the problem posed by internet rage has the potential to spill into face to face conflict, the medium is indeed very much to blame. Sure, "Facebook doesn't manufacture killers" but it creates a forum for insult to insight conflict and violence.
        Graham Ellison
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @josephmartins You are certainly correct!
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @josephmartins, with all the technology we have now (ie; cell phones...) they could have kept it more discreet but chose facebook (as most do right now...) so both are at fault for that but, no one deserved to die...We have been so desensitized by how fast everything is nowadays (not just video games) I pray for both parties and their families...
    • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

      yeah if u take it outside to stab someone @Aerowind
    • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

      @Aerowind - Perhaps this latest attack will focus some honest attention to the need for real knife control.
      Availability of knives to anyone, any time, has resulted in needless and cruel killings - we need to wake up and call for an end to this senseless, widespread use of knives in public places. How many more senseless deaths must there be???

      Stop the black market knife traffic from China, and the kitchen store loopholes!
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        I agree - some people even have multiple knives that they say are for hunting, but who needs more than one knife? I think there needs to be more stringent knife control immediately - and then we can move to rock control in case someone trys to commit a murder with a rock!!
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 I have a neighbor who has several SWORDS. My god, weapons of mass destruction right next door!
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 yes! Forks as well!
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder


        And pencils! Especially the mechanical ones! They're sharp and pointy as well...
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 Those darn loopholes! Who honestly needs a knife anyways? It's the "future" already, shouldn't we be cutting stuff with lasers by now?

        Shane Crockett
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        Yeah, she really protected her children didn't she? Murdered the woman who actually cared enough to help her in a time of need. Now her kids may lose their mother, if she is to be incarcerated. **rolls eyes**
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 ban guns first mate
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247, I can't decide if you're joking. But just about anything can be a deadly weapon. Sand stuffed down someone's throat and nose works, for instance. Can't control/otlaw everything.
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 Are plastic knives okay? The serrated edge can cut you...but it takes a lot of work.
      • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

        @Darr247 I know people mean well when they say we should ask for stricter knife laws but the truth in the matter is they aren't going to get in a hurry to tell us we now have to use shorter knives to cut our steaks...or register your knives if they are long enough to cut through a turkey...The BIG problem here is lack of self control and not wanting to admit that a person took someone for granted...she should have just appologized and paid the money back...instead she took her selfish angry butt outside and killed her. So now she will go to prison for 15 years or more over a senseless act...
    • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

      @Aerowind - You don't think it was a weapon when it was used to stab a girl in the heart and kill her? That seems like a weapon to me.

      What's really sad -- and a little bit scary -- is that the victim, despite the txt trsh spk, was a recent 4 year college grad and on her way to law school.
  • RE: Facebook dispute over $20 ends in murder

    This is obviously the upside of Facebook.