Facebook for Android version 1.7 is out

Facebook for Android version 1.7 is out

Summary: Facebook for Android version 1.7 adds the ability to tag friends and places in posts, a new design for Profile and Group Walls, and improves photo browsing.


Facebook has updated its native Android mobile app. You can grab version 1.7 now from Google's Android Market.

Here is the official changelog for Facebook for Android 1.7:

  • New features:

    • Made it easier to share with who you want.
    • Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the website.
    • Added the ability to tag friends and places in posts.
    • Added new design for Profile and Group Walls.

  • Fixes and tweaks:

    • Improved photo browsing with swiping.
    • Added the ability to tag your friends in photos.
    • Improved Messages and Notifications.
    • Fixed a number of crashes and performance issues.

One of the most notable changes in this version is the support of Android 3.x (codenamed Honeycomb), which means that Facebook users finally have an alternative to the browser when using the social network on their tablets. Unfortunately, while version 1.7 can run on Honeycomb tablets, it still does not feature a tablet-optimized user interface.

Still, the update is a rather big one, particularly in the visual department. Your Facebook Profile and your Facebook Groups should now look even more familiar, and the sharing options as well as the privacy controls you have access have been tweaked to be similar to what's new in the desktop browser.

Other UI enhancements include a pull-down refresh for the News Feed, a revamped status update composer, and left and right swiping in photo albums. The app also finally lets you tag friends in photos, places, and posts.

Facebook for Android 1.7 requires Android 1.5 (codenamed Cupcake) or later. Some features, especially those that are more closely integrated with Google's mobile OS, require Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo).

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    Wow............ This one is going to attract a lot of Android users to facebook more and more now!
    Facebook page builder
  • RE: Facebook for Android version 1.7 is out

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  • RE: Facebook for Android version 1.7.1 is out

    1.7 didn't even last a day without an update...who's writing their code...Adobe?
  • I downloaded it on my tablet

    clicked on friends and got the force close notification.
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Awful

    Why can't I tag with the @ symbol anymore? If I want to thank someone in a post, it's going to look stupid if I say "Thanks to John Doe for helping me out today!" -- with John Doe

    Makes no sense.