Facebook for Android version 1.9 is out

Facebook for Android version 1.9 is out

Summary: Facebook for Android has been updated to version 1.9. In addition to the usual improved performance and bug fixes, this version adds more messaging features and shortcuts to the app's features.


Facebook today updated its native Android mobile app. You can grab version 1.9 now from the Google Play store.

Here is the official changelog for Facebook for Android version 1.9:

  • Improved performance and various bug fixes.
  • More messaging features like creating group messages and adding friends to existing group conversations.
  • Shortcuts to share photos and messages right from your home screen.

The first point is straightforward. The second one refers to how Facebook for Android version 1.9 comes with some of the messenger features found in the standalone Messenger app, including: Mobile/online status, being able to add people on the fly after you've already started a group conversation, and having your contact list sorted in the order of people you interact with most frequently.

The third point means the new version adds shortcuts to more easily share photos and messages. This means Messenger and Camera shortcuts will appear in your app tray after updating your Facebook for Android app. Some are finding this to be unnecessary clutter.

Facebook for Android 1.8 was released over four months ago with the following features: photos and albums are up to two times faster, your messages and notifications are at the top of your screen, and there's also a new left-hand menu. It was subsequently followed by Facebook for Android 1.8.1, which added the mobile version of Timeline to the app. Facebook for Android 1.8.2 was released two months ago, fixing bugs and improving performance.

It's unclear if Facebook is already working on bugs that will soon be fixed in Facebook for Android version 1.9.1. Just two days ago, Facebook sent out the following warning:

Facebook for Android: When connected to the internet, some people are seeing the message "No Internet Connection." We're aware of the issue and apologize for any inconvenience.

I have contacted Facebook to see if this was addressed in today's release.

Facebook may already be working on Facebook for Android version 2.0. After all, big things are coming.

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  • Version 1.7.2

    After all these time, I still use the version 1.7.2, its fast and easy to use, unlike the one that is in the present. And the thing that I hate about the new version is that they are making it look more like the touch site of Facebook rather they should have made it look easier and faster to use. This version is really slow when connecting and as for the chat, its of no use because when you are browsing through profiles or if the mobile is in idle mode, the chat goes offline on its own. I would like the developers to see to this problem.
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    Facebook is tsill the king of social media, but Google+ just works so much better. My family, clubs, friends and myself all use G+ now. Many buisnesses have sites set up there too, with more each week.