Facebook, Google hiring researchers Yahoo is firing (rumor)

Facebook, Google hiring researchers Yahoo is firing (rumor)

Summary: We've already heard that Yahoo is looking to make massive layoffs. Another rumor now suggests that the Yahoo Research division is going to take a big hit. Both Google and Facebook are very interested.


Thanks to its Facebook lawsuit this week, Yahoo is very much hated by the technology industry right now. The Yahoo story might soon become even sadder. A rumor earlier this month suggested the company is planning massive layoffs, and now a new rumor suggests Yahoo Research is going to take a big hit. Both Facebook and Google are reportedly very interested in the academics, researchers, and engineers that work for this special Yahoo division.

With the stated goal of "Inventing the Future of the Internet," here's how the department describes itself:

Yahoo! Research is the central advanced research organization of Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. We’re responsible for big inventions– our goals are nothing short of inventing the future of the Internet and creating the next generation of Business for Yahoo!

Yahoo is firing at least the New York team of researchers by the end of the month and possibly the entire division, according to a source cited by PandoDaily. Facebook and Google are making a big effort to hire them. In fact, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly personally wooing them, likely with long walks in the woods.

If Zuckerberg himself is making the extra effort to hire these individuals, or so the rumor goes, maybe Yahoo should think twice about its desire to fire them. After all, Zuckerberg already has enough on his mind, like taking his company public in some two months. One has to wonder; why does is Yahoo trying to commit suicide?

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  • Sounds like a good rumor to me ....

    I don't see why it should even be an issue. Yahoo is letting talent go, others are free to grab the talent.

    It is a win-win situation. Companies get talent with specific experience and people without a job get a chance to shine somewhere else.
    • That is not his argument

      there is nothing surprising with having to trim departments that are over filled with employees, it is something that has happened for hundreds of years.

      What is the issue is that it appears Yahoo is giving their competitors all the weapons they need to detroy Yahoo.

      The analogy would be as me handing my phaser over to my unarmed enemy who wishes to take my life.
      Tim Cook