Facebook increases status update character limit to 5,000

Facebook increases status update character limit to 5,000

Summary: Facebook has increased the status update box character limit to 5,000. At the same time though, it has removed the status update box from the News Feed.


As part of its updated News Feed and Ticker roll out yesterday, Facebook has also pushed out two other slight-less noticeable changes. The first is a fixed navigation bar that some users started seeing last week. The second is an increased status update character limit: from a 500 to 5,000, according to Inside Facebook.

The change to 5,000 characters pulls Facebook further away from the 140-character limit that Twitter is so famous for. As you can see in the screenshot above though, if you want to write something longer than 5,000 characters, you can always just write a Facebook Note.

Another big change I didn't note before is the removal is the "What's on your mind?" box on the News Feed. It's still there on your own Facebook profile (Update Status is the default, though you can also choose to Add Photo). On your News Feed though, you have to specifically choose to Update Status, Add Photo, or Ask Question for the box to appear.

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